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Be seen and known by perfect-match clients

I help online service businesses and course creators with content that builds a warm audience of loyal buyers so you can make a difference in more lives.

Create Raving Fans

The three top-secret, all-new types of content you need in 2021 to instantly turn your audience into buyers—
not merely “meh-ers”

How do I get noticed so I can help more people?

What can I do to be seen and stop being the world’s best-kept secret?

This is the question every client comes to me with in the beginning. The answer is building a crystal-clear online presence and a marketing plan that sings to perfect-for-you clients.

how to work with me

Easy, Everyday Content Creation for
Online Service Businesses

If you want to write client-attracting content with ease and (finally) get off the content creation hamster wheel, you need a system and you need support.

Content Lab is the accountability-meets-mastermind group of online biz owners like you who are creating a visibility strategy with authentic, automated marketing to scale their businesses from a 1:1 model to a 1:many model.

Master a brand strategy that makes every future business decision EASY

Most of my clients come to me thinking they need a total overhaul to fix their business and it’s usually not the case!

You just need a strategist with a 30,000 foot view of your business to direct you from where you are, tweak a few things along the way, and get to your goal:

A profitable online presence that does the heavy lifting FOR you–so you can do the work you started this whole thing for in the first place!

Learn how to brainstorm, organize & publish content... consistently

Whether you’ve been in business for three months or three years, showing up online to attract more clients can be a struggle.

Learn how to create on-brand content that creates a nurtured, warm audience of perfect-for-you clients with The Show-Up System and how to write those posts and content with Social Post Formulas.

Words of significance from past clients

My experience with Britney was fun and exciting. It took me out of my comfort zone in the best of ways, stretching me into my own possibilities and opening my willingness to take the risk to show myself for whom I really want to be. It was an experience of setting my intentions for my future. How did I want to be seen and known from this day forward? Working with Britney was a delight from start to finish. I felt seen, cared for and nurtured through the whole journey.
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Brenda Bryan
Transformational Life Coach
personal branding consultant headshots

Authentic, Automated Marketing

will give you the impact you desire

When you’re ready to put more of YOU back into your business, you’ll watch your online personal brand explode into action.

It’s time to brand up to the next level. You know you’re meant for more if the world could just find you. It’s time to show them what it feels like to work with you so they can’t help but notice the results you offer.

I’ve been a brand strategist for the past 6 years and worked with more than 200 clients in that time. Before that, I was a graphic designer and photographer. I bring all of that together to build brand awareness and get you noticed so you can make the impact you’ve long desired.

Words of accomplishment from past clients

Before meeting Britney, I was struggling to find my identity as an entrepreneur and professional business woman. I felt like I was faking it because I wasn't owning my new self. I felt like Britney completely understood my vision and captured me in my new brand. She was truly building a cohesive message about who I am and what I stand for.
branding photos for solopreneur coach
Lauri Hand
Business Coach

Ready to get intentional with your business?

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