10 Ways to Make Your Content More On-Brand

My Instagram followers requested more guidance on infusing their brands and content in particular with uniqueness. Said another way,

How do I make my brand unique?

For every piece of inspiration or information you share, add your perspective

I see so many people on social media sharing quotes, but then writing nothing or just a few short lines of generic commentary in the captions.

Dear followers, ANYONE can share a quote. Anyone can re-post. The way to set yourself up as a thought leader or expert in your field is to share and add your insight.

Have a vent session about a common problem you see in your industry or clients

Don’t name names. Especially if you’re talking about clients, potential or otherwise.

But if you see something, say something. There are bound to be tons of ways other people in your field handle things that you don’t agree with and now is the time to share. In other words, stake a claim! Rant away!

Just don’t forget to back up with your reasoning on the better path.

Tease your newest content

You’ll note, I didn’t say tease about your newest program or offer. That’s a whole separate category in and of itself! But if you’re working on a new freebie, give a glimpse of it and tell your followers WHY it will impact them.

Ready to launch a new blog series? Give a few sneak peeks!

Show a personal before & after

This could also be termed your rags to riches story or maybe even your launch story. When you started out doing your thing, you didn’t know everything you know now.

Give a funny or ironic glimpse into what you were doing before and how you corrected it to where you are today.

This is a great way to build up the know, like & trust factor. Everyone loves seeing the mistakes of others because it makes you so much more relatable!

Speak to a pain point your clients feel deeply

Is there a major thing missing in your clients’ lives that your service or product will fulfill? (Side note: if you don’t already know this, make it a priority in your biz to research it.)

When you speak directly to a pain point your client feels and you describe it so accurately they feel like you’re stealing the words right out of their brain, they identify with you. And suddenly, they think you’re the only one in the world who can solve their problem.

Talk about your latest obsession

When you’ve built a personal brand, odds are your followers are interested in similar things as you.

Have you just learned about the awesome-ness about oat milk lattes? Share your favorite location and take a cute pic of your beverage. Bonus points if you can tie it into a biz meeting or lesson!

Showcase someone

Is there someone in your sphere who’s just killing it? It could be a client, it could be someone not related to your business at all.

One way I do this is having a “Branding in the Wild” category of Instagram highlights. Whenever I see a company doing a killer job of targeted branding, I give them a shout out.

Go behind the scenes

This is where you can get personal in a great way. I try to follow a 25% percent rule on content being personal versus business. I’m not perfect, so when I’m light on branding content I show my workspace, I show behind the scenes of when I’m actually in person with clients, etc.

If you have a creative process, show it off!

Ask a question!

I’m writing this content right now because I asked what my followers wanted to get from me. The answer was, how to be unique in your branding.

You won’t know what seems unique to your followers unless you ask!

Would you rather _____ or _____?

Make a prediction

Do you see a trend in your industry just about to take off? Or have you noticed a trend that you don’t think is beneficial?

Talk about it! This goes back to staking a claim. You’re boring if you’re not willing to put your opinion out there. So get it out there and if you’re right, you can refer back to it next year and build your authority status.

Even if you’re wrong, you still put out thought-provoking content and started a dialogue.

Have you got this down pat?

Great! You’re probably a content pro and buidling out from your brand content. If, however, this is an area where you’re on the struggle bus, please contact me!

Instant Badass Brand may be a good fit for you. It’s the program where we set up your brand soup to nuts with ideal clients, colors, writing messaging and visuals. AND if you’re low on time, not to worry! We accomplish all this in two short meetings together so you can wake up next week and know exactly what to say that’s always ON BRAND.

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