3 Mindset Hacks to Start Showing Up

Add value! Show up more consistently! Post every day!

It’s all a bit exhausting, yes? Or as one of my clients said to me a week ago, “It’s all just… so much.”

This is a feeling, a milestone, that every online entrepreneur faces. There are a few different ways it may come about, but essentially it boils down to feeling like an unending content producing machine and wondering how much of your time you’re supposed to spend marketing versus actually working.

First, we need to talk about the mindset behind showing up. Then, we’ll move on to how to fix it.

There are three reasons that matter to you, today, why you need to focus in on showing up more consistently and effectively for your business.

For you

There’s a mindset you’re going to want to make friends with when it comes to being visible. The idea of showing up if you’ve long played in the shadows can be difficult to adjust to at first. So check in with yourself. Why is it a struggle for you to show up right now? Is it:

  • You’re a perfectionist?
  • You think someone else is better than you, so why should people listen to you?
  • You think you’re not enough?

Embrace mastery

As a person who can be a bit Type A, I’ve also struggled with perfectionism. What’s really helped me through this is embracing the idea of mastery. Perfectionism expects an unachievable status, because there’s always something that can be made better or more.

When it comes to the land of online business, perfectionism is just procrastination.

Instead, look at it this way. Have you done the best job you could with the resources you currently have available? Then you’ve mastered this thing and it’s time to release it to the world. Could you do a better job with more time, better tech, a larger team? Of course, but those resources aren’t currently available to you. Work with what you have and then let go.

A few steps ahead

So many of us join this world of entrepreneurship thinking we need to know it all. Newsflash: we never will (see mastery). But, when it comes to showing up we let it stop us because we compare ourselves to those who’ve come before us.

Let’s say you’re at level 4 on a certain subject. It’s time for you to start teaching it to others, but you’re comparing yourself to someone at level 9 and you’re feeling the Imposter Syndrome feels. What you’re failing to do? You’ve forgotten you used to be at level 1 and when you were there, you struggled to learn from those level 9ers, because they were so far ahead of you they spoke a different language. You’re the perfect person to teach someone in the beginning, because they want to learn from someone like you, just a few steps ahead of them. YOU as you are right now are attainable to them.

Imagine a theoretical mathematician (whose work looks more like a middle schooler’s doodles than actual math because it’s so full of symbols and pictures). Now imagine that girl teaching multiplication to a 2nd grader. It’s not how the 2nd grader will learn because they aren’t speaking the same language!

Essential quality

Everyone has an essential quality, a vital trait that attracts others to them. Whether you’re at level 3 or level 6 won’t matter in this case, because the best client for you will be attracted to who you are as a person.

This is why you can take two naturopathic doctors who went to the same school, interned at the same clinic, chose the same specialty or niche, and they’ll have wildly different businesses. They’re different people, they have different essential qualities, and they will attract those that resonate with their personality.

Whatever the reason you aren’t currently showing up for your business, you can overcome it with these mindset reframes.

For your business

There’s a funny thing that happens as your expertise grows. You leave behind the “I’m not enough” stage as you start gaining success but you move into a new problem.

You start feeling like you shouldn’t have to work so hard and people should just… find you. You have confidence in your skillset, you know you can help people. And you start wondering why these clients who desperately need your help aren’t just falling into your lap.

A little big of ego is healthy, but no one’s going to find you if you aren’t putting yourself out there.

Your personal brand can and should be the most hard-working employee or team member for you… but only if you set it up to be.

For the greater good

I don’t know where you lie on the spectrum of spirituality and morality, but I know you’re somewhere in there. I know you started your business because you have a deep-seated desire to help people. And yes, you’re a business and need to make money and live a spectacular life! But you’d like to do that while making a big impact.

Healing peoples’ pain, finding a sense of purpose, helping them lose weight, designing a fantastic living environment, teaching them how to manifest results, living a greener lifestyle, becoming more productive… they’re all a desire to increase the greater good.

It’s easy to hide behind the idea you haven’t figured it all out yet, but you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.

This goes back to some of our mindset issues–you have an essential trait they’re attracted to and you have expertise they need to fix a problem in their life. They need YOU. If you don’t help them, who will?

The ripple effect has to start somewhere.

Don’t wait for someone to crown you. It’s time to start showing up more NOW.

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