Hey there, everybody. Today on the Know, Like & Trust Show, we are discussing the three steps to creating unique client-focused content. Of course, you already know that I am on a mission to get rid of the sleazy content, and this is one way we can do it. So let’s dive in together!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Uncovering the three steps for unique client-focused content
  • The importance of knowing your best client intimately (in the least creepy way possible)
  • How to tie in personal but relevant stories and make it business relatable
  • How to balance the content you want to publish


Resources Mentioned

To Market Your Business Online:

Navigating how to market your service business online–especially when you’re moving from 1:1 services to a 1:many model–doesn’t have to be hard even when you have a lot of moving parts.

You just have to know where you’re going. The Biz GPS Intensive is the best way to get that 30,000-foot view of your business–and a concrete plan for the next six months.

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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!