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I help bloggers & course creators with measurable content plans that bring leads into their businesses.

create raving fans

The 3 top-secret, all-new types of content you need in 2022 to build a warm audience of buyers, not just lookers.

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How do I get noticed so I can help more people?

What can I do to be seen and stop being the world’s best-kept secret?

In the beginning, these are the questions I hear from clients. The quick answer (because I like to cut to the chase!) is to create a content plan so you know what to say, systematize it so you show up regularly for your audience, and measure the results.

From there? Start reaping the rewards of your hard work and get your audience off whatever platform they found you on and into your world.

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content GPS intensive

The 30,000 overview you need for your business is where we begin. It helps you get clear on where you’re starting from, where you want to go, and how to get there by mapping out a content marketing action plan to grow your business.

I will audit your current content strategy, make recommendations for future changes, deliver a content measurement dashboard for your business, and provide Voxer access to me for 30 days for questions and strategy implementation.

content measurement dashboard

Figuring out which Instagram post gained more leads for your business versus which LinkedIn article versus which guest appearance on a podcast–it’s not an easy task… unless you have a content measurement dashboard doing all the backend work FOR you.

Options vary from tracking the engagement level of your emails, to various social platforms, and more.

self-study content lab program

Ready to create client-attracting content with ease and (finally) get off the content creation hamster wheel?

You need a system and you need support and you get both inside Content Lab.

It’s the best of both worlds with a (brief!) self-study course and 1:1 support via Voxer or WhatsApp for your individual questions about your content plan.

for a full list of services I offer, visit my work with me page

kind words

  • “She was able to capture my voice”

    I recently hired Britney to help me create an email sequence for my signature offer. I needed some support with copywriting and she was able to step right in so that I could meet my deadline. I just love her sense of humor and the authenticity that comes off in her writing.

    She was able to capture my voice right away and I think she nailed my copy within the first round of revisions. I highly recommend hiring Britney.

    -Patti Zorr

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The Know, Like & Trust Show

provides regular content on authentic, automated marketing for course creators, service providers, and bloggers.

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cover similar topics–measurable content plans for course creators and bloggers and organic content strategy to ensure your hard-won content creation time is resulting in regular leads for your business.

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