why I do this

Everyone wants to

be seen

I create marketing that breathe in and out. I design visuals that have the lightness of beauty and the depth of feeling. I write words that make you feel, hope, believe.

This is my story. This is my song.

This is who I am, what I stand for and the work I was meant to do.

When the world sees you do they know what you stand for? Do they know what makes your heart sing?

Is this for you?

You know when you hear a certain song and think… your breath, your soul is aligned with these lyrics? They feel you and you feel them and now your heart is bursting a little.

That’s me when I see you.

If my photos and words make you feel something, we should work together.

There's a difference between a career

and a calling

Nothing lights me up like seeing your face when, for the first time, you really get it. You see that it’s finally going to work.

It’s when you realize that while it’s safer to be invisible, you won’t have the impact you desire.

That to truly do the work you feel called to do, it’s time to fully express your unique beauty in every area of your brand… and marketing.

This moment brings a staggering self-awareness to the table.

Are you ready?

brand consultant britney gardner

Hey, It's Britney

I’m a designer turned photographer turned marketing strategist. But none of that is the real reason you’ll hire me.

I discern beauty and wisdom.

By that, I mean I see you. Like, really see you. I will help you weave your unique essence throughout your branding for a final product filled with your unique beauty.

I do all that in about 20 hours of work a week and spend the rest of the time chasing around an 18-month-old and 8-year-old. I hang out with my husband drinking wine or whisky while we cook together. I read a lot.

And sometimes… we get to make magic together.

Where are you in your branding journey?

Everyone starts somewhere

Whether you’re so new in business your mom doesn’t even know what you do yet or you’ve been working on this for five years, there are holes in your online presence that lead to confusion and lost clients.

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