it’s just getting lost

You know what you stand for; you know how you want to help your people. But your words, your expertise… they’re getting lost in the algorithm.

When it comes time to create content, you’re so busy trying to fit it into the SEO guidelines or the Reels best practices… The “99 LinkedIn hooks your audience will click on” and the best practices all the friendly internet personalities are pushing that your words just. plain. get. lost.

When the world sees you, do they know what you stand for? Do they know what makes your heart sing?

You know when you hear a certain song and think… your soul is aligned with these lyrics? They feel you, and you feel them, and now your heart is bursting a little.

Good marketing breathes in, breathes out like that.

Trust is a two-way street. Don’t be a dead end.

Your content needs to work for your people (as in, helps them understand who you are and how you can help them) AND needs to work for you (filling your pipeline with best client leads).

content consultant britney gardner

that’s what your content needs to

do for your best client

When you finally realize your content should be an asset to your business and lead your best client on a journey to build a relationship with you, everything changes.

This moment brings a staggering self-awareness to the table.

And it leads to finally implementing Uncommon Content.

Here’s the most important thing I know:

You have to take the lead in your marketing. If you don’t, someone else in your niche will.

I’d love to help you do just that.

A fully managed, DFY content sprint? I’ve got you. A content plan that you’ll implement on your own? We can do that. Let’s explore the options together.

being the rooster and building trust with your audience
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into content planning that makes it easy to show up consistently.

About Britney Gardner:

I’m a designer turned photographer turned marketing strategist focusing on organic content strategy.

But none of that is the reason you’ll hire me.

I’m one of the few marketers marrying creative and analytical skills. I pair the visual creativity of my past with training under the country’s top copywriters and weave in the mastermind/architect skills my personality naturally brings to the table.

And that all happens in about 20 hours a week. The rest of the time I cook up a storm while sipping my wine or whiskey, brew a little kombucha and garden, raise chickens, and raise the two little firecrackers known as my kidlets.

a little more about me

MBTI: INTJ – The Architect
Enneagram: 8w7 – The Challenger
Fascinate: The Connoisseur (Prestige + Passion)
Strengths Finder: Activator – Ideation – Command – Input – Relator
Human Design: Manifesting Generator
Temperament: Choleric-Melancholic
Disc: D
Harry Potter house: Ravenclaw

black lives matter. love is love. the holocaust is real.