Britney Gardner’s Speaker Page

Britney Gardner, content + marketing strategist

Britney speaks on a variety of topics from content strategy to marketing automation to targeted niche topics like:

  • The mindset behind showing up
  • The role of AI in content creation and content production (yes, they’re two different things!)
  • The pipeline-content connection–what to do and what not to do
  • Creating consistent content without pulling your hair out
  • What to measure in your content beyond the vanity metrics
  • Branding beyond the pretty stuff: Positioning yourself in a crowded marketplace and becoming known
  • Running a business with young children, without using them as an excuse
  • Creating a full-time income on 20 hours a week

Media Features

Britney can speak for your group or event in person or virtually on a summit, podcast, or guest expert for your program.

Please get in touch with any questions.

Course Creation Boutique

Course Creation Boutique

Use AI to your advantage

Course Creator's MBA podcast cover

Course Creator’s MBA

Create an audience of action-takers

marketing like a mother podcast

Marketing Like A Mother

Finding the balance between consistency and intentionality

The Personal Brand Entrepreneur Show
The Personal Brand Entrepreneur Show

Help them buy into you so they buy from you

the robyn graham show

The Robyn Graham Show

The easiest ways to create content that converts

lemonade chat podcast feature

The Lemonade Chat

Creating a business that works around your life instead of running your life

scaling deep podcast guest

Scaling Deep

How to make your content stand out in a sea of sameness online

the wela podcast

The Wela Podcast

What to do when you’re stressed over our branding & content creation

organized and energized podcast
Organized & Energized

Making marketing easier in your business

Ignited Entrepreneurs podcast feature

Ignited Entrepreneurs

The joy of guesting on podcasts & brand messaging online

that's deep podcast feature

That’s Deep

My story, from running my business as an INTJ to a few big cross-country moves.

around the campfire podcast feature

Around the Campfire

What makes a brand and running a business as a mama on a tight schedule

Sample Questions:

When I interviewed Bob Burg, he had a fantastic media page with suggested questions. While I don’t recall using the exact questions, they gave me a great idea of how he’d respond to things we talked about on my podcast. Consider these questions in the same vein, not as questions you need to ask but as a clarifier for how I’ll talk about content creation and measuring:

  1. What does measurable content mean? What should I be measuring?
  2. I’ve seen you say, when you get clear you get visible. What do you mean by that?
  3. How can I create content that pre-fills my programs and services so I have a steady pipeline?
  4. How do you balance a full content creation schedule, client work, and everything else on only 20 hours of work a week?
  5. What’s the best way to balance sales content, personal content, and “free value” content?
  6. I’ve got a big why but I don’t know how to tell people about it so they understand. How can I fix this?
  7. How can I really get off the content creation hamster wheel?

Bio – Short Length

Britney Gardner, host of The Know, Like & Trust Show podcast and creator of the Uncommon Content framework, helps established solo-ish business owners craft evergreen content that nurtures an always-ready pipeline with measurable, effective content plans.

Bio – Medium Length

Few marketers truly marry their creative and analytical sides. With a visual background in photography and graphic design and training under the top copywriters in the country, Britney Gardner pairs that creativity with her strategic mastermind personality as an INTJ and Enneagram 8.

She translates humans (and all their messy feelings) into a visibility plan that makes it easy to show up consistently.

Host of The Know, Like & Trust Show podcast and creator of Uncommon Content, she helps established multi-six-figure biz owners craft evergreen content that nurtures an always-ready pipeline with measurable, effective content plans.

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