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Britney Gardner, content + marketing strategist

Britney speaks on a variety of topics from content strategy to marketing automation to targeted niche topics like

  • The mindset behind showing up
  • How to build authority with a personal brand
  • Branding beyond the pretty stuff: Positioning yourself in a crowded marketplace and becoming known
  • How to rebrand/niche effectively. Plus, do you even need a rebrand?
  • Running a business with young children, without using them as an excuse
  • Creating a full-time income on 20 hours a week


Britney can speak for your group or event in person or virtually on a summit, podcast, or guest expert for your program.

Please get in touch with any questions.

scaling deep podcast

Scaling Deep

How to make your content stand out in a sea of sameness online

The Wela Podcast guest episode

The Wela Podcast

What to do when you’re stressed over our branding & content creation

The Entrepreneur Conundrum

Scaling your content when you scale your business from 1:1 services to 1:many

Ignited Entrepreneurs podcast feature

Ignited Entrepreneurs

The joy of guesting on podcasts & brand messaging online

Sample Questions

Please don’t feel you need to ask any of these questions. They’re meant for guidance and clarity if you don’t have a specific purpose in mind already.

  1. Everyone talks about personal branding, but do we even know what it means?
  2. I’ve seen you say, when you get clear you get visible. What do you mean by that?
  3. What’s the difference between a big brand and a regular brand for the solo or small business owner?
  4. I’ve got a great logo and brand board, so that means I’m set on branding, right?
  5. I’ve got a big why but I don’t know how to tell people about it so they understand. How can I fix this?
  6. Does having a professional photo shoot really matter in today’s selfie age? What can it do for me?
  7. What’s the first step for a new business owner in getting good branding? How about someone who’s been at it for a few years?
  8. How does a brand strategist work? How would someone like you get to know me well enough to make my brand unique and attractive?
lemonade chat podcast feature

The Lemonade Chat

Creating a business that works around your life instead of running your life

The TLC Accelerator

Discussing business breakthroughs from “stuck” times.

That’s Deep

My story, from running my business as an INTJ to a few big cross-country moves.

Around the Campfire

What makes a brand and running a business as a mama on a tight schedule

Soul Digger’s Podcast

What does “a brand” mean to the online entrepreneur?

Podcasting Unleashed

Personal branding for podcasters

Teen Boss Babes

Starting my first business as an (almost) teen and the lessons along the way

Behind the Boss Mask

The realities of running an online business as an introvert

Britney's headshot, Option 1
britney gardner, brand expert for course creators
Britney's headshot, Option 2
brand strategist Britney Gardner

Bio - Medium Length

Few marketers truly marry their creative and analytical sides. With a visual background in photography and graphic design and training under the top copywriters in the country, Britney Gardner pairs that creativity with her strategic mastermind personality as an INTJ and Enneagram 8.

She translates humans (and all their messy feelings) into a visibility plan that makes it easy to show up consistently.

Host of The Know, Like & Trust Show podcast and creator of the BE SEEN Method, she helps online service biz owners craft content that attracts perfect-match clients.

Bio - Short Length

Content & marketing strategist Britney Gardner helps online service businesses stop being the world’s best-kept secret & build brand awareness so they can make a difference in more lives.

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