I provide the following:

  • content strategy + content plans
  • sales funnel design, strategy & consulting (FG Funnels, CartFlows, WordPress)
  • website design
  • lead gen ads strategy + implementation
  • brand photos

All of my services work together with the goal of providing you authentic, automated marketing.

I find that one piece may work well for many of my clients, but ignoring the rest means that one piece isn’t working as well as it could be.

For this reason, I look at your business from a holistic viewpoint and provide strategic guidance on the big picture as well as skills to implement.

Your FB ads strategy will depend on excellent copywriting and stunning visuals. Your website, the same with creative copy and brand photos that hook your audience in. They all bleed together and create a marbled online presence, a challenge to separate one from the other.

It is absolutely imperative you schedule a call with me today if you’d like to work together in the next two months as I take on only a handful of 1:1 clients at a time.

content strategy

As an online service provider, the neverending hamster wheel of content creation seems to be Public Enemy #1. 

But it doesn’t have to be! 

The reason this happens is because we forget who to be online when we’re NOT selling. Jumping from launch to launch, program to program means many online biz owners forget to not sell all the time. Or they forget content in between launches all together.

Creating an authentic, automated marketing plan for your business depends on a content strategy that’s organized, on-brand, and most importantly–

It needs to meet your audience where THEY’RE at.

services offered:

  • defining your content buckets (the things you want to be known for online) and creating 30-90 days of topics
  • content organization systems
  • 90-Day content plans
  • social media research, engagement, graphics


Client must be willing to show up!

No, but really… this is for everyone.

sales funnels

Sales funnels don’t need to be scary and they don’t need to be a dirty word! 

We’ll write copy that not only

  • sounds like you + your values
  • looks good on the page
  • makes sense to info-driven analytical buyers and skimmers alike

We’ll design your offers to

  • be an extension of your brand, building your reputation
  • customized on-brand graphics and page elements
  • optimize on both desktops and mobile, wherever your audience is viewing

And your ads?

  • we’ll design ads to drive traffic to your freshened offers
  • place pixels and curate audiences
  • copy + design that pulls to your unique audience

services offered:

I work alongside my expert term producing:

  • landing pages for opt-ins
  • the opt-ins themselves
  • sales pages for tripwires
  • long form copy+design for your signature offer
  • email follow-up sequences
  • FB ads


An existing business with a converting offer or the content to support a signature offer or entry offer. 

website design

Many of my clients find their current website is no longer serving their business well when it comes to creating an authentic, automated marketing machine. I provide custom design for simple, automated websites that drive traffic to your offers. Brand style guides and logo refreshes also available in conjunction with your website.


An existing business with goals for the next quarter defined.

New business packages with custom design are also available with full strategic outline of a content strategy and client journey.

brand photos

Everything we do online depends on quality visuals.

Background images on your website. Running Facebook ads with photos. Social media posts to build engagement. All of these are an extension of your personal brand and while you can connect without showing your face, it’s an uphill battle.

I currently offer half-day branding photo shoots in the Portland, Oregon area.


The willingness to show up for you, show up for your business, and show up for your audience.

marketing strategy

My most popular offer is the Biz GPS Intensive. 

Why? Every business owner needs a strategic, 30,000 foot view of their online world to ensure everything connects. 

You need to answer the question: do your offers make sense from a client journey perspective? Do your offers “play well” with your offers?

The Biz GPS Intensive is a two-hour deep dive into your business. We cover your goals for the next quarter and years beyond, look at your current offers, and design a plan for you to accomplish it all.


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