Be Seen: Looking the Part & Being Authentically You

Despite guiding my clients on their own personal brands, I sometimes struggle with my own messaging. Yes, shocking, I know.

But the reality is, no matter how good I am at helping others, I often find myself at odds with my own work. I create beautiful and meaningful photos of my clients, yet constantly need to improve my own. I help my clients drill down their own messaging into succinct statements, even sound bites. And I still need to work through clumsiness of copy on my own site. Can you relate to that? Knowing how to help others and struggling with your own work?

personal branding photos by

Luckily, a few weeks ago I attended a retreat with like-minded business owners. We masterminded our way through some of this messaging stuff I’ve been grappling with over the last quarter. It took me far too long to explain that I’m not nearly as interested in how someone looks as I am in how they show up.

At the core of my business, I believe it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if you don’t look the part. But I often bend over backwards trying to make that statement sound less shallow. It’s not about your facial features, it’s about the willingness to connect. It’s not about how many pounds you are today, but your openness to be seen. When I say look the part, I mean being available to help your clients achieve success. An excellent personal branding photo collection is about showing up, not showing off.

And there we are, a whole paragraph of messaging instead of a sound bite. Instead of a tweet. Instead of a succinct quote. That is, until I drilled down on the intent behind my messaging!

The impact you make is a direct result of your willingness to be seen.

personal branding strategist photographs the business you want tThat’s the quote!

It encompasses everything I believe in, everything I built my business around. Show up, be seen, make an impact. (And perhaps, change the world a little while you’re at it.)

I create a safe and comfortable space for my clients to show me the real them, the soul that wants to help, the heart that desires service. Every business I respect was built to fix a problem, to serve their clients in the journey of that solution. For us in the solopreneur realm, that means we need to stop hiding, and start serving.

Ignite Your Brand

Are you ready to make an impact? Are you ready to ignite your business and create a vibrant brand and be seen for who you truly are? I encourage you to explore these questions.

If you’ve read this far, I know you are ready to be seen for who you are and claim your REAL success. I invite you to sign up for a Ignite Your Brand session and define how you will be seen.

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