Becoming a Beacon: Visibility in the Online World

Have you ever been sitting in a crowd, mostly-uncomfortable chairs pressed together with barely enough room to cross your legs before kicking the chair in front of you? Let’s assume you have, because I’m in this situation multiple times a year.

And then let’s assume this happens: you’ve been sitting there for hours perhaps, getting a bit more restless as each minute passes. And then suddenly, time melts. The seconds cease to make themselves known. Because IT happens.

The speaker on stage got into their groove. You start feeling each syllable of each word drop, first lightly, then heavily. The words start exploding from their soul and making their way to your own.

You start thinking, dreaming.

You latch onto their words, scribbling furiously on a notepad that up until now, only had a few impassioned words noted. Because you know, this is the moment. This is when everything makes sense and clicks and you can already feel like this is what you needed to hear to take the next step in whatever your thing is.

This is how you build a tribe.

Let’s reverse engineer this a bit, because experiencing someone else doing this from a stage is one thing, but doing this everyday in your own business is an entirely different thing. Or is it?

Look back at the previous paragraphs. It’s when the words started resonating that you began paying attention. It’s the feeling as the speaker let those words out that changed, because getting in your groove can happen while speaking, while writing, and while being.

It’s when you take your core belief, that thing that lights you on fire and ignites every enthusiasm in and around that belief. That’s when you resonate. That’s when the message you put out there becomes a beacon.


The key here is how you create your message. You must FEEL it. There is one core belief within you, something you believe in so strongly that you can’t help but talk about it. Something that is so ingrained you are deeply offended if another speaks in opposition of it. And it might just be something that seems so obvious to you, so simple, that you can’t believe the rest of the world doesn’t just get it.

When you start thinking, “Well of course _____ isn’t working out for you, you aren’t paying attention to _____ yet!” That sounds like a core belief to me.

Until you master your message, being your brand daily, weekly and monthly will seem like a big task.

When you master your message, marketing becomes easy. It becomes fun! Because you’re simply building a campaign around it. It’s no longer just a sound bite, it’s so heart-centered that people can FEEL the message.

life coach brand photos for website

And then you take that message and build copy for it. You build an art-directed photo shoot that shows that message in pictures, in story, with the result of living as that message. This is how you brand up to the next level of business; you actually become your message and exude it as a living, breathing thing that others who “get it” can’t help but be attracted.

When the marketing mavens say to magnetize your message, you no longer need to shake your head, wondering what they mean. This is it. It sounds simple because it is!

We call it personal branding because it is so personal. It’s the core of who you are, brought into a public, visible setting.

From there, you use your personal branding photos to add visuals to blog posts, to post on social media. You can create engaging ads with photographs that show what it feels like to work with you before they even click on the link, creating a better conversion amount and lessening your ad spend. If you podcast, you’ll stand out from all the other badges because your photo shows true connection and exemplifies your message. When you guest post on others’ blogs or speak on others’ stages, you are set apart. You stand out because your message is a platform on which you rise.

mastermind photos for online businesses

The possibilities are endless. Endless, if you’ve figured out how to instill your core belief in a collection of photos that broadcast your message.

Learn how to master your message and create a branded photo shoot around your core belief with The Badass Brand. I offer a unique combination of personal branding that not only shows the results of working with you, but teaches how to use your core values effectively in marketing to attract the best clients into your business.

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