Join me for this conversation with Tanessa Shears, health consultant for entrepreneurs, where we talk about biohacking your life and making small tweaks to improve your life.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The importance of consistency in entrepreneurship
  • Biohacking your life to knock out brain fog and show up magnetically in your biz
  • Small things to try to make your sleep better
  • Why what you’re doing for self-care matters more than how long you’re doing it for
  • The importance of mindfulness for true self-care



I feel like that’s what makes biohacking or health optimization so good for entrepreneurs. Our brains are tuned in to ROI. We’re all about return on investment. Is this working? What do I need to tweak? So biohacking is the same.

Anything that we can do to counteract that fight or flight that as entrepreneurs we tend to slide into so easily is just a welcome addition for, you know, clearing up brain fog and making us feel much more present.

What I didn’t realize before, which I have learned, is that self care doesn’t have anything to do necessarily with the activity you’re doing. But how fast your brainwaves are oscillating.

It’s like the concept of mindfulness. It’s that being where you are now and trusting that your business is safe if you’re not checking in every five seconds, it’s making that dissociation.

Nothing taught me about efficiency better than becoming a mom. Business in half the time? Let’s go. And write a book? Let’s go.

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