Marketing Funnel Case Study For Online Business Owners

The world of online marketing has about 1000 different layers, and therefore tools galore you can dive into (and perhaps get so lost in, you’ve suddenly emptied your pint of Cherry Garcia and still are only about 30% of the way through the welcome email). It can be a lot to handle. I’ve said on […]

The Tools Of Authentic, Automated Marketing #123

Running an efficient online business takes both a good tech stack and the strategy to use your tools well. Listen in as I dive through the changes I’ve made in my software and tools over the last year–and how I’m saving money with better automation along the way. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Why different […]

Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals & Business Growth #122 with Bill Flynn

bill flynn bhag klt

Business growth advisor Bill Flynn talks about how “regular” business owners can use the concept of the big, hairy, audacious goal to build their brands. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: We start off with Bill talking about why the Big, Hairy Audacious Goal is more of a consequence than a goal A goal has a […]

Know, Like, and Trust in 2021: The New Minimum #121

the new know like and trust for 2021

It wasn’t all dumpster fire–there are a lot of good things that came out of 2020, too, and here are a few we can all learn from as we move into 2021 and meet the new minimum to build up your know, like, and trust factor. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Taking a moment of […]

How to Build A Brand Story That Connects #120 with Nadda Adamjee

nadda adamjee brand story

Branding professional Nadda Adamjee shares her love of brand storytelling, overcoming her own content struggles, and using cultural experience as a storytelling connection. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: How Nadda came upon a strategy that works for telling your brand story and it quickly became her best content Why following someone else’s formula–even if they’re […]

Authentic, Automated Marketing #119

authentic automated marketing

How to look at all the separate pieces of your business from a holistic point of view and create an authentic, automated marketing plan. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: The concept of holism applied to an online business Thinking about your business from a 30,000 foot view What happens when a piece of your marketing […]

How to Avoid Killing Your Know, Like & Trust Bank

Two weeks ago I released an episode of The Know, Like & Trust Show on delight. Specifically, how a few companies, large and small, are using the concept of delight to increase their client experience (and what you as a very small business can do to learn from them). Little did I know, I’d experience […]

Expanding Culture As You Scale with Raul Hernandez Ochoa #118

raul hernandez ochoa on KLT

    Raul Hernandez Ochoa of Do Good Work dives into growing your brand culture with your business as you scale. We cover the pitfalls on both the team level and the product level as well as how to incorporate your core values into the daily minutiae of TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Raul talks […]

Adding Delight Into Your Business #117

adding delight into your online service business

    As we enter the close of 2020, it’s time to take a look at companies that are doing an excellent job of delighting their clients–and how the online business industry can take lessons from without entering a “keeping up with the Joneses” war. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Why delight should be your […]

The Client-Landing Formula

client landing formula

In the last three months, I’ve had three separate clients say something along the lines of, “Can’t clients just find me?!” One of those was in response to putting together a visibility plan at all because it’s a bit of work if you’ve never addressed it before and, well, wouldn’t it be nice to skip […]