Visibility = Currency #161

Tracy Phillips, a 20-year, Emmy-nominated video pro, joins me on the podcast today and we talk about using video to market yourself and your business. Topics discussed in this episode: How Tracy has taken her knowledge from the film world and translated it to online marketing Navigating impostor syndrome The beauty of being yourself and […]

Data-driven Marketing Strategy For Service Businesses: Removing your ego from marketing


Data-driven Marketing Strategy For Service Businesses: Removing your ego from marketing There are two concepts you need to internalize. For reals, that means you need to really, truly understand them. Sometimes the best content in the world that absolutely should do well… doesn’t. The only person whose opinion matters is your best client. Both of […]

Why the “Ideal Customer Avatar” Is Hurting Your Marketing

Ditch the ideal customer avatar

The ideal customer avatar. Your target market. A niche (rhymes with sheesh, learn how to say ‘niche’ already). Whichever term you’ve been using, I’m going to ask you to stop. I did a mini-training on this in Instagram Stories a couple years ago and to date I’ve never gotten more feedback on anything as I […]

Removing Your Ego From Your Marketing #160


Today on the podcast, I’m excited to dive into the topic of removing your ego from your marketing. Topics discussed in this episode: Two concepts that you need to internalize in order to remove your ego from your marketing How to troubleshoot when your launch is quiet The 1% better concept Using marketing and content […]

Long-Game Marketing with SEO #159

Today on the podcast, Michael “Buzz” Buzinski and I talk about SEO, why it’s so important for your business, and his Rule of 26 that will help to increase your website revenue by 100%. Topics discussed in this episode: The importance of using keywords in your content How to do profitable keyword research What to […]

SEO Content vs. Social Media Content

This article is going to be about the difference between SEO content and social media content. And, yes, I know that’s a mouthful, and we’re gonna get to that soon! But first, at the time that I’m writing this, I just dropped off my three and a half year old for his first day of […]

How to Show Up Authentically as YOU #157

As a Certified High Performance Coach, Mehreen Siddiqui equips her clients with the mindset, accountability, and leadership skills. Today on the podcast, we talk about the importance of showing up authentically in your business and life. Topics discussed in this episode: The importance of having conversations for business and personal growth How to show up […]

Monopoly Content vs. Sticky Content

monopoly content

This article is about monopoly content and I’m ridiculously excited about it, and not just because I love the Monopoly board game, although we’ll get to that in a minute, but because I think a lot of people are messing up their content strategy and putting way too much monopoly content into play. First, what […]