Putting LIFE back into Lifestyle with Brandon Gaston #009

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Episode 009’s guest Brandon Gaston does an incredible job of separating fashion and style and telling how each apply to the average person’s life. He offers an outstanding take on the psychology behind your appearance, both from the perspective of those who see you and how you see yourself. Listen in for more elaboration on […]

Date Night: The Business Edition

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When was the last time you took your business on a date night? No, I haven’t lost it. Yes, I am for real. Hear me out. My husband and I “lost” date night for almost four years. We moved to a state with no family and few friends with a 4 month old. We didn’t […]

Personal Branding 101 with Britney Gardner #008

personal branding exploration through the know like and trust factor

Your very own host explores personal branding and photography through the lens of the know, like and trust factor. If the thought of being vulnerable in public makes you shrink. If the thought of showing up in a big way with a photo shoot brings up any resistance starting with “who am I to…” If […]

The Most Dangerous Word in an Entrepreneur’s Vocabulary

the most dangerous word in an entrepreneur's vocabulary

Surely you’ve been here, in my seat. I’m at a folding table, sitting in a metal folding chair. I’m crossing my knees because that’s what ladies do when sitting on a metal folding chair in a dress. Only I keep having to switch knees because the metal is unforgiving and my toes keep falling asleep […]

5 Business Lessons from a Backyard Skunk

5 business lessons from a backyard skunk

The Backstory: My husband and I moved into our new home in August of 2015. Starting the day we sat outside in the front yard waiting for our realtor to bring our new keys to us, basking in the late July sun we met our first neighbor. Her name is Connie and she was friendly, […]

Branding Case Study: Personal Branding for a Fringe Business with Melissa Mattern #007

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This week’s Know, Like & Trust Show show brings you a real-life case study of one of my clients, fellow entrepreneur and friend, Melissa Mattern of The Psychic Genius, who talks about how rebuilding her brand and branding images has helped her grow her business in just a matter of months! Melissa Mattern is a professional psychic, master […]

Shaping Your Brand’s Style and Soul with Cora Spoladore #006

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Today’s show is with Cora Spoladore, a Personal Branding Specialist who loves to help others succeed in business by creating real emotional connection with clients. She helps women service-based business owners gain clarity to confidently grow their business with professional brand guidance that attracts dream clients. I mention in the […]

Why Most Photo Sessions Fall Flat

When you go to a Mexican restaurant and ordering the sizzling fajitas, you expect the cast iron platter to arrive steaming, sizzles dancing up off the plate. When the server says, “careful, hot,” you think, understatement of the year. A well executed branding session does the same thing. It brings the sizzle to your message. […]