What Not To Do In Social Media Engagement

three tips for better social media engagement

I teach how to accomplish your daily social media check in with only 15 minutes a day. So most of the time, I skip over these basic kind of lessons. For me, they are rote. Mundane. Common sense. But more and more often, I remind myself of a basic truth. What comes easy to me […]

Taking Care of the Social Media Elephant in the Room With Erin Zimmerman #026

personal branding exploration t

Today we’re chatting with Erin Zimmerman, a social media strategist and matchmaker between the business owner and the customer. Specializing in video, content-repurposing, and relationship-based social media, Erin works with business owners who are ready to make a bigger impact with their social media. She is all about working with entrepreneurs to create a strategy […]

How to Ensure Nobody Reads Your Content

I’m a few days behind on my monthly content perusal. I blame the seemingly endless back-to-school events these last two weeks for my son’s new kindergarten class. What that means for you is a small, tiny little blog post this week. In fact, it’s barely a post and more a rant on how awfully Forbes […]

Making Waves in a Crowded Industry #025

making waves in a crowded industry through personal branding

I discuss how a criticism over a photo on Facebook spurred an entire idea on how to make waves, and why it’s important to do so in a crowded industry.   TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: I tell a story about a not-potential-client not getting my work The difference between your best client and a […]

Building a Spectacular Design Business with Mindset Upgrades #024

mindset upgrades through personal branding exploration

Alyssa J Gavinski is a graphic designer who has not only design and web conversion skills, but has spent the last year and a half working through her mindset to achieve some pretty spectacular goals. We talk about everything from money to homepage design that attracts your ideal client and end with some stellar advice […]

Holding Out for the Right Business

creator of the badass brand for women entrepreneurs ready to shi

Hang on for me on this one, folks, because I’m about to compare virginity to being an entrepreneur. Yes, you read that right. There’s a thing that happens when you first delve into the land of the entrepreneur. You’re investing a ton of money and not seeing much in return, and suddenly there’s an idea […]

The Marketing and Mindset of High-End Offers with Jillian Lama #023

your know like and trust factor applies to high end programs and

Jillian and I talk about the three things that matter most when marketing high-end offers, and she’s got the chops to talk about it! Jillian Lama is a Marketing Strategist & Mindset Coach for ambitious, sexy as hell coaches and consultants who have guts & goals, are ready to screw business as usual, and make […]

Becoming a Beacon: Visibility in the Online World

creator of the badass brand for women entrepreneurs ready to shi

Have you ever been sitting in a crowd, mostly-uncomfortable chairs pressed together with barely enough room to cross your legs before kicking the chair in front of you? Let’s assume you have, because I’m in this situation multiple times a year. And then let’s assume this happens: you’ve been sitting there for hours perhaps, getting […]