The Coach’s Content Problem #116 with Tamika Auwai

the nurture matrix with tamika auwai

Tamika Auwai, owner of Orisha Creative, talks about the coach’s big content problem and how to prioritize nurture content by tying it to filling your programs in advance. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: How Tamika moved on from a lackluster business to the content agency she now runs The big gap of content creation that […]

Visibility + Strategy = Money #115

visibility plus strategy equals money

  The money formula you need to know as an online service business owner, especially in a year where new entrepreneurs are flooding the online business world. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Why being in a different niche doesn’t necessarily mean you have different problems The need for more nurturing in today’s marketing climate Why […]

How to Build Trust #114 with Stace Caseria

stace caseria on the know like and trust show

Stace, a writer by training and background, talks about how to build trust and why every brand from solopreneur to large corporation needs to operate with caring and emotion. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Stace gives an overview of the different components of trust, alignment of interest, credibility, a track record, and caring How to […]

It’s Your Responsibility to Get Your Message Out #113

it’s your responsibility to get your message out

    If you’ve got the passion and determination to be an online biz owner, you need to embrace your responsibility in getting your message out. Visibility hinges on you, and this episode goes through the why behind it and how to overcome feelings of vulnerability that come with showing up in a bigger way. […]

Do you have a message worth listening to?

do you have a message worth listening to?

If you believe that you have a message worth listening to, then you have a responsibility to get that message out into the world. I could probably end this episode right here, but I’m going to elaborate a bit because this message is THE core of what I believe. There’s a difference between a career […]

The Onboarding Secret Weapon #112 with Kristen Westcott

kristen westcott onboarding podcast episode

Kristen Westcott guides us through the must-haves in the onboarding and offboarding process for both coaches and consultants. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Kristen intros the idea of focusing on onboarding and offboarding Why a long launch period means you need to double down on the onboarding process Kristen shares a good “pre-module” to give […]

Stop Making These 4 Content Mistakes #111

Stop Making These 4 Content Mistakes

    Online service businesses build brand awareness with content, but the kind of content you put out there can shape your brand in a good or bad way. Listen in to four content mistakes you want to avoid. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Why making (simple) content mistakes can harm your business The danger […]

Instagram Story Strategy #110 with Sheila Streetman

authentic instagram story strategy

Sheila Streetman and I discuss all things Instagram story strategy, creating your own “prompts,” and getting comfortable in a new business endeavor. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: How Sheila made a business move based on the client feedback she received Sheila’s take on “do it scared” Why a long career in one field doesn’t mean […]

Content, Schmontent #109

content strategy for course creators

    Everyone talks about content, some groan about the neverending content creation hamster wheel, and the rare few have a great content plan. If you just hit Q4 and realized you haven’t accomplished what you hoped in 2020, it might be time to look at your visibility plan and change up the kind of […]