The Wheel of Branding #136

The Wheel of Branding contains the three things that every business needs to consider for its brand. You could write an amazing message on social media, but you need a visual to catch your followers’ attention. Similarly, if you have a beautiful photo, but aren’t showing up, that will result in a missed opportunity. TOPICS […]

3 Easy Ways to Create Content Pillars

3 Easy Ways to Create Content Pillars

Most companies don’t have a clear marketing message. They confuse social media with brand building, and they have no direction for their messaging strategy. Marketing is not about posting on Facebook or Twitter. It’s not even about advertising anymore—it’s all about creating content that your audience wants to consume. Content that solves their problems and […]

Episode #135: How to Blend Practical and Spiritual Aspects of Branding

Justin and Emily, co-founders of Root+River, share their unique take on branding, its spiritual roots, and how to connect with the soul of your brand. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: We define defiant leaders as leaders who are sure certain that they want their business to change their industry or the world in some way. […]

How to Create Content Pillars #134

how to create content pillars

We all know content is a crucial part of our marketing, but so many online service business owners find themselves staring at a blank doc with that blinking cursor and writer’s block. A content system and content pillars are the combination that takes that trouble away and makes content creation easy! TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS […]

Designing a Course That Actually Teaches #133 with Katie M. Smith

designing a course that actually teaches

Britney talks with Katie Smith, a course creation coach. Katie brings her background in education and Understanding By Design to talk about creating digital info products that actually teach your students to create on their own. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: The three steps in the Understanding By Design process The first question you need […]

4 Steps To Write Sticky Content For Your Social Media or Blog

4 Steps To Write Sticky Content For Your Social Media or Blog

When you think about content, what do you think of? Long blog posts with tons of information? Videos that are ten minutes long and ask the viewer to watch for an hour or more? If so, it’s time to rethink your strategy. The best content has one goal in mind: getting your audience thinking long […]

Sticky Content #132

sticky content

While content marketing isn’t new, it’s still not being done well by so many online service businesses! Sticky content–the kind of content your audience remembers and actually converts lookers into buyers–is the key to using content as a top-of-funnel marketing strategy. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: We define “sticky content” as the content that converts […]

The Case For Authentic, Automated Marketing

The Case For Authentic, Automated Marketing

“Authentic and automated” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it mean? And why do you need your marketing to be both authentic and automated? Authentic AND automated marketing–you need both. They may seem incompatible. They aren’t! Let me tell you a story…and then we’ll go over why. […]

Tie Your Why To Numbers & Visuals #131 with Dawn Foster

Tying Your Why To Numbers & Visuals

Marketing consultant Dawn Foster started on the art and design side of marketing before moving to the strategy side and marries the two in a unique that provides a secret sauce perspective on marketing campaigns. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: One of Dawn’s secret weapons: that she understands both the creative and analytical of marketing […]

3 Reasons Your Offer Failed (That Have Nothing To Do With Your Content) #130

3 reasons your offer failed (that have nothing to do with your content)

As more people step into the online learning industry, we need to ensure we’re putting out GOOD offers. But even with a good offer, there’s no success guarantee. Listen in for three reasons your offer might have failed that have nothing to do with the quality of the offer itself. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: […]