Onboarding as a Trust Builder #151

Robin Carberry is a personal development and business coach and I wanted to have her on the podcast to talk about her program Onboard Like a Boss. Join us as we talk about the onboarding process, how it can build (or kill!) your business, and how it can help develop the know, like, and trust […]

Depth + Beauty = Your Business’s ATM Machine #150

Ever heard “cash flow is king?” We’re going to be talking about that along with the concepts of depth and beauty as they apply to your business, and we’re doing that right here on my anniversary, 150th episode! Topics discussed in this episode: Why depth and beauty matter for your business Truths about organic marketing […]

Two Content Strategists, Same Goal #149

For the very first time on the Know, Like & Trust Show, another content strategist is joining me. Abby Herman is here today to chat about the importance of listening to your audience and creating the ideal content journey from pre-client to off-boarding.  Topics discussed in this episode: How Abby got started in content strategy […]

How to Build Trust with Your Audience

I want to talk about the “under promise over deliver” cliche in today’s post, but we’re gonna be talking about it through the Know, Like & Trust lens. Let’s just call it out right here at the beginning, the best way to kill your Know, Like & Trust factor is not living up to expectations. […]

Under Promise, Over Deliver #148

Today we’re going to talk about the “under promise and over deliver” cliché, but we’re going to be talking about it through the lens of the Know, Like & Trust factor. You’ll learn how to shape your audience’s perception of you while holding tight to your boundaries. Topics discussed in this episode: Why setting expectations […]

How Visibility Cures Imposter Syndrome

Today we’re going to be talking about everybody’s favorite subject: Imposter Syndrome, and we’re going to be talking about it through the lens of action. One important thing to remember, action cures fear (and Imposter Syndrome). Action cures fear is one of my favorite business quotes ever, and it’s from the book The Magic of […]

Action Cures Fear #147

Welcome to today’s episode, today we’re going to be talking about everyone’s favorite topic, Imposter Syndrome, and how you can move through it with action and cure your fears. Topics discussed in this episode: The two layers of Imposter Syndrome that we most commonly encounter as business owners How consistent visibility will help you show […]

Building Authority Means Showing Up with Patti Haus #146

building authority

Have you shied away from consistent visibility because it feels impossible as an introvert? Patti Haus, speaker and copywriter, is on the show today to share how she embraced visibility (even as an introvert) to build her freelance business year after year. She’ll make a believer out of any visibility skeptic out there while giving […]

How to Show Up with Consistency


All right, guys, I’m so excited for this blog post today. I have kind of talked in and around the subject in a variety of posts. Today we’re going to be talking about the three visibility platforms.  The reason I realized I actually really need to do a post on this is because just a […]