The Path to Becoming a Course Creator with Jess Rodriguez #178


Jess Rodriguez, owner of Freedom Driven Success is joining me today to talk all things time freedom and course creation. Jess is on an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven businesses expand beyond a 1:1 reliant business model with scalable offers that allow them to amplify their impact and profit, all while enjoying the freedom they … Read more

“She was able to capture my voice”

patti zorr testimonial

I recently hired Britney to help me create an email sequence for my signature offer. I needed some support with copywriting and she was able to step right in so that I could meet my deadline. I just love her sense of humor and the authenticity that comes off in her writing. She was able … Read more

More Content Does Not Equal More Value with Mike Gregga #176

This week on the podcast, we’re talking with Mike Gregga, course curriculum developer, about how to decide what information to focus on in a course, building credibility, and why a course will never make someone an expert on anything. Topics discussed in this episode: Why you shouldn’t automatically choose an evergreen course over a live … Read more

Effective Content Creation for Service Providers and Coaches

content creation for course creators

1. Introduction: Online service providers (therapists, website designers, nutritionists) and coaches (anything from parenting coaches to divorce coaches to business coaches) often need a content strategy to generate leads. Without a measurable plan, it can be difficult to know what content is effective in attracting new customers. This article will outline a process for creating … Read more

Being Intentional With Your Content

Happy New Year! This article is all about being intentional. And I’m not one of those people who’s all like “New Year, New You,” “2022, go get ’em, tiger,” you know, that kind of stuff. It’s not really my style. But I do feel like at the beginning of a new year, there is a … Read more