Content, Schmontent #109

content strategy for course creators

    Everyone talks about content, some groan about the neverending content creation hamster wheel, and the rare few have a great content plan. If you just hit Q4 and realized you haven’t accomplished what you hoped in 2020, it might be time to look at your visibility plan and change up the kind of […]

How to Develop Your Outlier Status #108 with Chrisa Zindros

personal branding exploration t

    Chrisa brings us through the idea of being an outlier and what that can mean as you build your brand. She takes her start in corporate America and in story form, tells us how this applies to both corporate employees and business owners. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Chrisa tells about her start […]

Falling in Love & Branding Are the Same Thing #107

personal branding exploration t

If you believe that you have a message worth listening to, then you have a responsibility to get that message out into the world. Here’s your permission. You have to go for it, even if it feels a little scary. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Permission granted means it’s time for you to start helping […]

Myth of the Pre-Launch Period #105

personal branding exploration t

    After years of the online business industry with launch after launch, mastermind after group program all screaming “Build a course!” at the top of their lungs, it’s time to pull back the curtain on a myth that often goes hand-in-hand with course building: the pre-launch period (also known as launch prep, the pre-launch […]

Business Shifts Case Study #104 with John DeMato

virtual photography business shift with john demato

    John DeMato, fellow brand photographer, went from photographing speakers and consultants to suffering from Covid-19 symptoms and having no work overnight. On a whim he picked up his camera and created a new product that works in the socially-distanced pandemic era and he’ll continue to offer when the business world shifts again. TOPICS […]

First Define, Then Apply (Brand Foundation, then Marketing Foundation) #103

brand foundation and marketing foundation

    All of branding can be broken down into two phases: first, define your brand, then apply it and market your business. In this short episode, I dive into the questions of The Brandscaping Method you need to answer in each phase. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Starting scrappy or bootstrapping, in the beginning, […]

How to Create a Freebie That Doesn’t Suck

hot to create a freebie that doesn't suck

List-building experts and business coaches are fond of saying you need a bribe to “get people” on your email list. Often, that’s true. But what if your bribe felt more like a gift and the exchange was truly delightful rather than just transactional? Freebies. Lead magnets. Freemiums. They’re the mailing list bribes you offer in […]

Your Sales Funnel As A Brand-Building Tool #102

use your sales funnel to build your brand

For over a decade, the most popular list-building advice from experts has told you to create a lead magnet or freebie to attract subscribers. What if this advice is actually hurting you and killing your KLT factor? In this episode I talk about three things that your sales funnel can do to BUILD your brand […]

Marketing is Both Art and Science #101 with Rita Barry

personal branding exploration t

Rita Barry, professed numbers and data geek, talks about numbers as they relate to your marketing decisions whether it’s paid traffic or not. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Rita gives her take on numbers and why they’re important The three stages of a marketing funnel We talk about the world of FB ads and how […]