How to Start an Online Business Quickly #081

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Many will take this time and build side hustles or online businesses as the changing climate of our world becomes more solid. As online business owners, it’s our responsibility to guide them! Here is a list of (free, discounted or inexpensive) tools I’m currently using to communicate, teach, and organize online: Membervault: this is my […]

Creating Digital Magic #080 with Amy Jo

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  Amy Jo, a business coach and marketing strategist for female entrepreneurs, share the journey of her brand, her business pivots, and how she got to where she is today. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Amy Jo’s advice on how to set yourself apart in a crowded niche How she transitioned from life coaching to […]

Using Sales to Build Your Expert Status #079

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  Nikki Rausch of Sales Maven talks about the sales process, how it affects your personal brand, and the common hangups many entrepreneurs face as they move clients along the customer journey. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Nikki starts off by talking about the long game of sales and how it takes time to build […]

Visibility & Vulnerability #078

exploring visibility & vulnerability in personal branding

I talk about visibility and vulnerability as they relate to personal branding and the know, like & trust factor. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Visibility and vulnerability go hand in hand Just having a personal brand by itself is super visible I go over the different kinds of vulnerability and why even you might feel […]

Your Best Client (and the myth of the ideal client avatar)

Let’s talk today about one of those super confusing topics. Yes, I’m talking about the ideal client avatar! The target client! Niching! (Side note, it’s a neesh, not nitch.) I did a mini-training on this in my Instagram stories and I’ve never gotten more feedback on anything as I did on this training. I know […]

Ditch the Ideal Client Avatar #077

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Expanding on a very popular mini-training I did on Instagram Stories, I spend this episode debunking the myth of the ideal customer avatar and reframing the idea to be more approachable, less full of marketing jargon, and get to the heart of what you need to know to attract clients with ease. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN […]

Stating the Obvious (Again and Again) with Jess Freeman #076

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Jess is an award-winning website designer and I use her to knowledge for our advantage by picking her brain on how to set up YOUR website in a way that attracts your best client and books you more clients. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Jess and I talk about marketing to a niche and serving […]

3 Mindset Hacks to Start Showing Up

Add value! Show up more consistently! Post every day! It’s all a bit exhausting, yes? Or as one of my clients said to me a week ago, “It’s all just… so much.” This is a feeling, a milestone, that every online entrepreneur faces. There are a few different ways it may come about, but essentially […]

3 Reasons Your Brand Isn’t a Thing (Yet) #075

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Four years ago I wrote an article about the three reasons your brand isn’t a thing (yet) and today I’m updating it… because there are still a few great reasons your brand is not a thing even if they’ve changed. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Why Daring Greatly is such a great book for entrepreneurs […]

Genuine Connections & Influencing People with Ann Bellow #074

biz and sales coach for the ambitious female sidehustler

  QUOTABLES: You will be heard. You will be listened to. I think that’s what people are really looking for in 2020. They’re really looking for who is listening to me. Your usefulness in someone else’s story is what they care about ultimately. This detachment from a need that everyone has to buy from me […]