Brand Strategy Case Study for a Therapist & Coach

How we cut a coach’s lead costs by over 75%

(and increased her online community by 25%)

The Problem

  • You’re maxed out on 1:1 clients and working way more hours than you want to every week
  • Acquiring new online clients is costing more than they’re generating
  • Relying on organic reach only isn’t providing consistent clients for your online business (and keeps you stuck in the overworked 1:1 model)

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The Goal

  • Build a brand awareness strategy to grow your audience with the RIGHT clients
  • Reduce your time spent acquiring clients and use content you’ve already created to draw them in
  • Build an engaged, warm audience clamoring to buy what you’re offering

Watch as Dawn and I walk through the strategy to increase her Facebook community >>

The Brandscape Method

Landscape your business and build a warm audience, clamoring to buy whatever you offer before you even launch

First Step:

Define your brand with who you are, who your best client is, and how you serve them

Before you can market to an audience you have to create it–and that starts with defining your brand foundation so with crystal clarity you can talk about who you are, who they are and how you serve them (all in a way your best client not only hears, but actually understands).

Sometimes going back to the basics and redefining these elements now that you’re no longer in the bootstrappy, scrappy stage is exactly what you need to leapfrog forward and sweep away whatever hurdles are keeping you from up-leveling.

second Step:

Dial in your marketing foundation with a clear, step-by-step plan for what to say, where to say it and how to show up visually

If your brand foundation is the thinking stuff, your marketing foundation is the doing stuff–and that’s exactly what we’ll put a plan into place for so you know exactly what to say, where to say it and how to show up visually.

Final product:

We’ll build your brand handbook

If you’ve ever seen a brand style board and thought, “Hey, that looks pretty but what is it actually going to DO for me?” this is your answer. 

Your brand handbook is your business’s answer guide. The answers to the six questions The Brandscape Method answer are all put into your own, custom brandbook.

Next time you need to create a new piece of content you’ll know exactly what to say and what visual to pair it with–guaranteed.

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Hey, I’m Britney

I’m the brand strategist for coaches and consultants running online businesses

I help you sell out your services with ease by building a warm audience of loyal buyers so you can make a difference in more lives.

You need a brand that works for you. It should be your best and most loyal teammate, quietly boldly working in the background to draw in your perfect-match clients.

I won’t let you create a wishy-washy brand (because a watered-down message cannot create a brand that has staying power).

I help clients just like you tease out a message you can’t help but shout from the rooftops because it’s everything you believe in, finally clarified in a way your best clients get.

Let’s show the world who you really are–and why you’re the perfect person to help them.

britney gardner, brand expert for course creators

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