Branding Case Study: Patti Keating & The Entrepreneur Unleashed

It’s been a busy summer of shooting, networking, learning and workshopping. Top that all off with the new studio and it’s no surprise my blog has been on the backburner. I’m back and ready to kick off autumn with an online coach branding case study!

I first met Patti over a year ago at a local leads group and she impressed the heck out of me. It was a special meeting, a three hour deal instead of the normal quick lunch’n’dash meeting this group is known for having. And about halfway into the meeting after reserving my opinion, quietly observing the activity and questions and workshopping going around… I broached with a question.

Patti is a business coach unlike most I’ve met. She has a way of skipping right over an excuses posed as obstacles and drilling right into you to determine what work you’re meant to be doing and why you deem it important. Core value? Child’s play in a group like this. She’d barely met me and within 3.5 minutes of questions had me pegged.

So when she asked if I was interested in updating her website and funnel photos, I said yes. Inside my head, the “Yes yes yes yes yes” bounced around for a while, even if I maintained a calm front. You see, working with someone like Patti, someone who knows exactly who they are and exactly what they stand for… that’s the fun stuff. Seeing how I could play with that throughout a shoot is what I live for as a story-based branding photographer.

branding photography by portland women's portraits

She’s still making changes on the website front, but for now it’s really fun seeing images we created together populating her pages. They’re replacing some old images that had a good feel, but weren’t up to the digital quality that a coach like her should be using.

branding photography by portland women's portraits

personal branding case study

When you’re an online entrepreneur, you might never meet your potential clients in person. Building trust immediately isn’t just on the wishlist, it’s an absolute must. Creating a web presence that is quality all the way through is the minimum level of professionalism.

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