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This week’s Know, Like & Trust Show show brings you a real-life case study of one of my clients, fellow entrepreneur and friend, Melissa Mattern of The Psychic Genius, who talks about how rebuilding her brand and branding images has helped her grow her business in just a matter of months!

Melissa Mattern is a professional psychic, master intuition coach, and meditation teacher. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband, daughters, and five ascended masters posing as house cats. She refers to herself as “the real deal” – and she sure is.

Her intuitive readings “connect the dots” for those working on their relationships, careers and life. We’ll take a look at how she came to realize that she needed an overhaul of her brand and how easy the process was for her. More importantly, Melissa reveals the benefits her updated branding and photos (from her branding photo session) which now represent her true self, and that has her climbing the ladder of success in her growing business.



  • Melissa tells us how she came to realize that she needed a branding facelift since she wanted to take her business to the next level.
  • She talks about her personal branding experience and how that open communication during the process allowed her to hone in on exactly what her message was, who her ideal clients were and what branding photos were needed to project to her audience.
  • Melissa knew that the word “psychic” usually conveys a negative or unrealistic impression, so her branding needed to change people’s expectations of what a psychic is today.
  • She talks about how, with careful study and consideration, she changed her softer, brand images from “Whispers from Your Angles” to “The Psychic Genius” which conveys how she really is in life.
  • Melissa tells us about the impact that her branding photos have done for her, recently from attending a conference to live Periscope broadcasts and that her brand identity and continuity keeps her in the the foreground no matter which platform she is working with.
  • She finds that her “zone of genius” shines when working with other entrepreneurs .
  • Melissa finds that she gets inspired and gets that special lift with the branding photos of herself, since they truly represent the real her.
  • She shares important tips to utilize and take your branding to the maximum level.
  • Melissa tells us that being “known” is the hardest element in the Know, Like & Trust factor for her due to the saturation of intuitives and psychics in the Portland area, but she’s finding it easier with her new consistent and solid branding.
  • She tells us that meditation give us space between thoughts




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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!