Branding With Significance

I like pretty things.

Many women do, so that’s not a surprising statement. But I don’t like diamonds and bling, I like the way a sunbeam glistens over dew. That’s how I’ll take my bling, please and thank you.

I became a photographer quite by accident but continued with it very intentionally. I spent the first decade+ photographing weddings because… I like pretty things. Or, in this case, I like showing beauty around me and weddings tend to have a lot of happy, glowing people.

But I continued and moved into branding photography and then quickly after that, brand strategy because I realized I need purpose and significance.

Pretty, as it turns out, is just the surface level.

I prefer depth and beauty. That’s where the power lies.

branding photos with beauty and depth

Brand photos bring out the best in you in a way that showcases your unique personality, experience, and skills in a way that attracts like-minded people to you. That’s beauty. That’s depth. My gift is showing that beauty and depth to you as you are, today.

I skirt around this issue sometimes and I’ll be bold in stating it now.

Your business will not show you true success and fulfillment until you find a way to love yourself as you are NOW.

A friend of mine told me years ago that my business pursuits depend on teaching others to dive into a pool of self-love. Branding is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Investing in good branding shows the world you value yourself along with the services you provide.

This is why branding photo sessions are so incredibly important to your growth! Being seen, being willing to show up is part of it. Showing up at your highest level, having someone photograph you at that highest level and then seeing the evidence of that daily as you insert a photo into a blog post, attach it to an Instagram caption–this is what putting your best foot forward looks like in today’s digital age.

This is what brandscaping is all about.

Matching your business landscape to your inner self to create a personal brand that evokes your essence.

I’m very good at what I do. It comes from years of expressing my personal brand and working through the niggly feelings of showing up confidently for a movement I believe in.

When you’re able to match your significance (your message, your cause, your calling) with your branding (your visuals like photos and your words that support them), you’ll also feel that confidence and fulfillment.

Are you ready?

I have limited openings in the next month for The Badass Brand, a program that takes defines and refines your branding to not only reflect who you are, but turns your message into a client-attracting magnet. We put together a full brand strategy and then show that in photographs you can use immediately to get clients now.

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