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Have you shied away from consistent visibility because it feels impossible as an introvert? Patti Haus, speaker and copywriter, is on the show today to share how she embraced visibility (even as an introvert) to build her freelance business year after year. She’ll make a believer out of any visibility skeptic out there while giving actionable steps to take today to grow your own online presence.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Patti has come to brace visibility to build her freelance business
  • Weighing comfortability versus the desire for growth and success
  • How to find a healthy balance between visibility and being an introvert
  • How Patti’s skeptical nature played into her visibility
  • The difference between the quality of a cold traffic client and someone who has found your via your visibility efforts
  • Mindset tricks from Patti to combat the fear of visibility
  • How increased visibility online can help with in person events



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To Market Your Business Online:

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