brand case study for a client attraction coach

Case Study: Danielle Louise Ross, Client Attraction Coach

I photographed Danielle back in July, more than six months ago. It’s often a good chunk of time before I circle back, because the immediate results of raising your vibrational level and feeling great about investing in yourself have worn off… and it’s time to assess the tangible business results. For a client attraction coach, this might be even more true. Moving from a 1-1 coaching model to more online programs, it’s even more important for personal branding photos to deliver results.

I stand 100% behind my clients as part of their upleveling foundation. When you invest in a Brandscape Photo Experience, it’s a significant step in your business. But I’ve only done half the job when I deliver those photos. Implementing the photos on your site, in your social media branding, including them on blog posts and summits and webinars… that’s where you fan the flame and continue igniting your business.



What follows is a mini interview between Danielle and I about the results she’s attained since relaunching her website.

Q: Who Are You?

A: I’m a Client Attraction coach from Portland, OR best known for helping creative solo professionals (such as coaches, consultants, photographers, designers, etc.) brand themselves and fill their practices with ease. I am also known for my online speaking course, Free Talks that Sell, where I teach my audience to create and promote their client-attracting signature talk to skyrocket their business to six figures, by authentically sharing their message.

Q: What were your challenges before we worked together?

A: I needed a mix of photos to use online that included headshots and lifestyle shots that worked for our new website concept.

Finding the right photographer for the job has always been a challenge, because I have high standards and often a variety of needs per photo shoot. I have just a handful of people who are on my trusted go-to list, and that includes you, Britney.

The challenge is finding someone who can make the photo process fun, communicate well every step of the way, and excel at shooting a variety of kinds of photos. I’ve worked with many photographers in the past who excelled at one of these at the expense of the others and…that just won’t do!

Q: What plan did you have for your photos?

A: We created a photo plan together based on the needs of my website, which at the time, was soon to be re-launched.

Q: What was the result of you following that plan with your photos?

A: The result was I got everything I needed online to fill the site with personality, including photos I was able to use for social media banner pictures!



I’ve chosen to showcase a few of Danielle’s website page upgrades. I’ve seen her photos pop up with speaking engagements, program launches, and more.

Since I’ve known her for over a year, it’s more apparent to me that with photos that show the real her, she’s showing up more. I love reading her blog posts below photos that show the real her, because it helps bring her own words into her personality. She’s a former actress and I would imagine it’s easy to slip into the “role” of business coach. I like seeing her inner self when reading through her blog and knowing, this is the Danielle that helps clients. This is the real her.

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