Case Study: Melissa Mattern, The Psychic Genius

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It’s been four months since I photographed Melissa. In some ways, this post is long overdue. In others, it’s perfect timing. When I work with conscious entrepreneurs I hear a lot of barriers to a successful business. The biggest of these usually revolves around trust. How do they build trust from potential clients and contacts? How do they create a brand that attracts the best clients to them?

You see, Melissa is a psychic. Forget your Hollywood view of the psychics, though, because that’s not her! In Melissa’s words:

When people hear the word “psychic” they have a lot of different reactions. They jump back. Or think about one of those neon signs with a palm in the middle of it. Or wonder if I am 1.99 per minute. Or think I have a crystal ball and can command my Flying Monkeys at will.

The reason I’m writing this post now, months after her shoot, is because her fast results are piling up. Last week she attended Periscope Summit and had TV producers not only asking to talk to her, but requesting her card. They checked out her profile photos online. They saw the professional brand she presents. They contacted her before she had a chance to settle in at home again.

At the last conference she attended before this, she experienced the awkward business card exchange. It’s when you offer your card to someone and have to mentally convince them to take it. Instead of that awkwardness, last week they asked HER for her card and commented on her strong branding.

Branding for Conscious Entrepreneurs

personal branding strategist photographs the business you want t
Many conscious entrepreneurs experience situations like this in the early stages of business. Their intended audience doesn’t know whether to take them seriously. They are pushing themselves on potential clients instead of attracting those clients to them. Melissa, like the rest of my clients, has experienced the other side now. She’s a client magnet, supported by a strong personal brand.

I invite you to hop on over to the success stories page with Melissa’s entire writeup and see more of her photos.

The best part about this case study? Melissa didn’t have an “ugly” website before. Her photos weren’t bad and they were already professional in quality. They just weren’t “right” for her and her best clients. This is a true testament to how great branding brings you to the next level. When Melissa and I first met, she was fine. But fine wasn’t – and isn’t – good enough for her. She knows she is meant for more and I’m happy to be along for the ride.

personal branding photos by

Is your brand ripe for the next level? Are you thinking along Melissa’s line, that your brand is good enough but maybe, just maybe you need some fine tuning to achieve the success you know you deserve? I encourage you to sign up for a brand audit with me and see if there are holes in your brand or messaging mismatches.

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