4 Steps To Write Sticky Content For Your Social Media or Blog

4 Steps To Write Sticky Content For Your Social Media or Blog

When you think about content, what do you think of? Long blog posts with tons of information? Videos that are ten minutes long and ask the viewer to watch for an hour or more? If so, it’s time to rethink your strategy. The best content has one goal in mind: getting your audience thinking long […]

The Case For Authentic, Automated Marketing

The Case For Authentic, Automated Marketing

“Authentic and automated” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it mean? And why do you need your marketing to be both authentic and automated? Authentic AND automated marketing–you need both. They may seem incompatible. They aren’t! Let me tell you a story…and then we’ll go over why. […]

The Two Elements of Your Authentic, Automated Marketing Engine

The Two Elements of Your Authentic, Automated Marketing Machine

Your online business needs leads and leads come from two things: traffic and a well-defined pathway.  Traffic can come from a variety of sources–organic click-throughs from social media and search engines, paid traffic from the same, even colleagues shouting you out, or directory listings. While the sources are varied in terms of bang for your […]

Marketing Funnel Case Study For Online Business Owners

The world of online marketing has about 1000 different layers, and therefore tools galore you can dive into (and perhaps get so lost in, you’ve suddenly emptied your pint of Cherry Garcia and still are only about 30% of the way through the welcome email). It can be a lot to handle. I’ve said on […]

How to Avoid Killing Your Know, Like & Trust Bank

Two weeks ago I released an episode of The Know, Like & Trust Show on delight. Specifically, how a few companies, large and small, are using the concept of delight to increase their client experience (and what you as a very small business can do to learn from them). Little did I know, I’d experience […]

The Client-Landing Formula

client landing formula

In the last three months, I’ve had three separate clients say something along the lines of, “Can’t clients just find me?!” One of those was in response to putting together a visibility plan at all because it’s a bit of work if you’ve never addressed it before and, well, wouldn’t it be nice to skip […]

Do you have a message worth listening to?

do you have a message worth listening to?

If you believe that you have a message worth listening to, then you have a responsibility to get that message out into the world. I could probably end this article right here, but I’m going to elaborate a bit because this message is THE core of what I believe. There’s a difference between a career […]

How to Create a Freebie That Doesn’t Suck

hot to create a freebie that doesn't suck

List-building experts and business coaches are fond of saying you need a bribe to “get people” on your email list. Often, that’s true. But what if your bribe felt more like a gift and the exchange was truly delightful rather than just transactional? Freebies. Lead magnets. Freemiums. They’re the mailing list bribes you offer in […]

The Brandscape Method: What Your Business Feels Like

I’ve written before about moving beyond the basics of color palettes and logos and truly branding your business from the ground up; this week, we’ll cover the reason and mechanics of brandscaping your business. Brandscaping: landscaping your business to match your inner game. Britney Gardner I want to break that down a bit to lay […]