Folio Box

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The folio box is one of my favorite ways to display your images – because it’s so versatile! Whether your images are fashion-focused model for a day or an intimate gift, it’s an option that fits your needs. Display your favorite of the month on an easel on your bedroom dresser, rotating each image in and out of the folio. Start building a collection you can add to next year, the year after that. Frame a few and keep the rest safely in the envelope presentation box. Whatever your pleasure, this product line works for you.

All of my products are handcrafted here in the studio. Fine art prints on the highest quality (and eco-friendly!) bamboo paper made in Germany by one of the oldest paper producers in the world, both color and black and white images nearly leap off the paper as you run your fingers across the textured print. The ribbon enclosure is easy to open and close as you rotate through images. And the gray presentation style box fits in with any decor you might choose.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. As your photo session recedes into the past, these photos help you to always, always remember. You are beautiful. You are amazing. Let the light that shines within out a little more each day as you look.

Yancey: A Case Study

portland business headshots for artists

I chose two women to be a part of my first promo video and I couldn’t be more thrilled with these ladies. First, they gave a significant portion of a day up to help me in marketing MY business. Second, they rocked it like no other!

Yancey has become something of a case study for me. I met her through a business mentor – we’re in the same coaching group. She’s a mother and a business owner, a wife and someone who helps others. She falls neatly into the category of women who often put others first and for that reason, I’m thrilled I could offer a retreat-like day to enjoy being pampered a little bit.

portland glamour photographer, portland women portraits

She also was using a – in her words – “iphone selfie that was good enough” as her business profile photo. It’s been a small joy for me in seeing the response to her new chosen headshot in her energy & artwork business, Nourish & Flow! You should also check out some of her paintings. She’s an incredible artist and I love seeing her new work pop up on Facebook from time to time! And if you happen to notice her new Portland headshot along the way, let her know!

Central City Coffee: Branding Images

central city concern branding images

central city concern branding images

A website designer friend of mine asked me to collaborate on a project with her last year for the new Central City Coffee branding images on the site she was building. CCC is a division of Central City Concern here in Portland, a social enterprise of the non-profit working to end homelessness. Their tagline is “Drink well. Do Good.” I was happy to be a part of this great organization and thrilled to share images created specially for them in their endeavors. After the planning meeting, it was quite the team that came together for this shoot.

portland branding photographer at central city concern

portland branding photographer at central city concern

As with most current websites, they needed images to  fit the wide banner of their site, images for photo links and to fill some of the informational pages. A branding shoot with me is the best way to create photography that fits all of your website and media concerns. The plan for this site included a story-based banner image of a woman delivering coffee  – and what’s more Portland than a coffee bike messenger? From there, we moved inside to where the coffee goes from raw bean to roasted goodness, testing along the way with moody images. I had a lot of fun here, playing with light and shadow, molding them to fill in the story gaps. And then of course, the final phase of the story – the enjoyment of coffee and friends in the kitchen!

portland branding photographer at central city concern

I chose to showcase most of the storytelling images here in black and white because I loved the light this way, but you’ll find them all in color over on their site. I’m always happy to provide you with options to fit YOUR brand’s needs.

What story do you want your business to tell? What captivates you and your client audience? If you’re not sure yet but know this is the direction you’d like to head, let’s schedule a time to talk it out and build a great visual presence for your business.

portland branding photographer at central city concernportland branding photographer at central city concernportland branding photographer at central city concern

Why Branding Photography?

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Beauty, Business and Branding photography – but why branding photography? Beauty portraits are a part of everything I do because as women we need to feel like we look good before we’re willing to share with the world. Business portraits, or headshots, or not-so-corporate headshots are beautiful images of you meant for business use. Branding … Read more

Invest in Yourself

portland branding photographer at central city concern

I launched into a photography career just as digital cameras were deemed – by some – acceptable. My first few paid jobs were on film, but very quickly I realized digital was the way to go. Not only did it provide me instant feedback for learning purposes while I was newer and younger in both … Read more

Headshots for a Breakthrough Coach

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Cricket is the most wonderful coach! Her way of talking you through a problem that might be big, might be a huge wall in your head but not that big in reality, and just helping you get to the next level is gentle and supportive. So when it came time to photographing her, I knew we needed to show equal parts friendliness and confidence. You have to trust her immediately to get to the heart of your own problems – so friendliness is key. But you also need to believe in her and what she’s saying, suggesting, and offering. So confidence is also key!

What do your Portland headshots need to say to your potential and continuing clients? This is the kind of photo that is so much more than a place filler on your website!

When it’s time to update your headshots

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I’ve photographed Cher before, but in her words: “It’s time to update my headshots.” What’s great is that since she’s a repeat client, I already know how to work with her. I already know the angles she likes best, the encouragements I’ll give to get her into a great pose in which she feels comfortable and I coax out the best side of her.

In my quest to be the best not-so-corporate headshot photographer (ever), I’ve been talking with a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs about what will best serve them. I’ve asked how they want to feel first, because that’s always the most important thing when photographing someone. And then I ask how they want their own clients to feel when viewing their photos. Between those two answers is our goal, always. More and more, your clients will turn to those they can trust.

In an online world, vibrant business photos that evoke good emotion are one of the easiest ways to grow your business. I’ve believed this longer than I’ve owned this business. But it’s always affirming to hear others believe the same as well. Take this article Jessica Rea recently posted, “How to establish trust, earn respect, and win clients online.” In particular, her section on having a great website mentions “lots of animated photos of you shot by a professional photographer” and I couldn’t agree more. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine! I’m so glad Cher did!

So. Is it time to update your headshots yet? Are you ready to take it to the next level and really make a connection with your clients? Are you ready to start building trust and authority so you can work with the rightclients? I am. I bet you are, too. Let’s get this going today!