Mother’s Day is Around the Corner

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It’s May. That means – you guessed it – Mother’s Day is just around the corner. A bit of a touchy subject perhaps? Well, I’ve got the solution for you. Make your own Mother’s Day gift this year. Take a day to walk away from everyday life and just relish in a little attention and … Read more

Throwback Thursday, the Pro Edition

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One of my favorite things about being on Instagram is Throwback Thursday, #tbt. It’s so fun seeing friends post images from years past. I might have even seen them the first time around, but now they’re a blast from the past and it’s fun to see what still holds true today. What’s still important today? … Read more

What does a photo session look like?

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You asked, and I’m here to skip right over answering you and right into showing you! A not-so-corporate headshot session and a modern glamour session are each featured in this video so you can get a taste of what’s to come right here. So if your question is, what does a photo session look like, I’ve got you covered.

What does a not-so-corporate headshot look like?

My favorite answer to this is, why can’t you mix business with pleasure? Who said your business images had to look awkward? Why can’t your business photography look like the best version of you? If you’re in a business in which you’re offering life skills to your clients, looking friendly and approachable is key. If you’re in a visual working field, looking stylish and put together may win points. As a coach or therapist, nurturing may be a goal of yours. Looking like a stiff, plastic-y version of yourself won’t help gain clients in any of those fields. I’m an expert at delving into your target client and helping you portray what will appeal to them most.

What does a modern glamour photo session look like?

Beauty portraits are here to remind yourself you’re worth it, you’re beautiful, you’re strong, and you’re a woman outside of your work or children or marriage. You’re a person all on your own and you sometimes need a little help remembering that. Come in for a makeover and girly afternoon – bring your sister, best friend or mother and make it a girls day out! Enjoy a little “me time” and you’ll have treasured photographs to remember the whole wonderful experience of being you again.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my husband for all the hard work he put into this video! He brought my vision to life and spent several late nights editing and then re-editing till it came to this point where I was ready to share!

Headshots for a Personal Stylist

portland headshots for the modern businesswoman

I recently met Ashley Roda through a networking event and I’m absolutely thrilled to be partnering with her in the future. She’s bright and glowing and confident – all qualities that make it a joy to photograph her. Beyond that she’s incredibly motivated and that’s why I’ve chosen to work with her. If you’re considering a shoot with me and not quite sure about booking because you aren’t sure what to wear, she will make that job very easy for you!

In her own words: “I help women in transition identify the details that make them iconic and memorable.

Through consultative image consulting, interactive shop&learns and educational workshops, I help my clients trigger their inner confidence, have hope for new opportunities and encourage control over their image, identity and reputation. Image matters, whether we want it to or not, so I encourage my clients to dress like their lives depend on it each and every day.

Partnering with Britney Gardner I want to be a resource to help you get that “Perfect” shot! Trust me with a little understanding of your colors, body shape and how to fit clothing to your personality, this will be a breeze!

With your image being the first thing people see, why leave such a valuable asset to chance, when you can easily manage it.”

And since I prefer to partner with people that truly understand what it is to have this level of photography and personal experience in their portfolio, of course I had to help Ashley with headshots for a personal stylist!

Business Headshot: Mini Sessions

portland headshots by britney gardner

I’m going to take the next while on the blog to showcase exactly what you’ll get out of the different headshot packages available with me, starting with the entry level Business Mini package. And since my husband needed a new headshot last month – and quickly – it was the perfect time to test out the new package. And if you hop on over to his Facebook page, you’ll see he’s already using the updated photograph and long before I had a chance to blog about it!

The Business Mini (starting at $300) is the perfect choice if you already have a suite of photos you use for your entire business and just need to update one. It’s also a good option if you’re just getting your feet wet in a new field or starting a new business. Need a photo just for LinkedIn and Facebook? This is a great choice for simple needs and will quickly give you the photos you need – all while still offering my hallmark service to help you feel your best through the entire process. Headshot mini sessions provide a foot in the door to a professional look without the extras.

Included: photography planning phone call prior to session, hair and makeup styling if desired, photo session with two looks, one final image in full size and social media size files.

Headshots: Before & Afters

before and after professional headshot examples

I have a new program coming up focusing on Portland business photos for those in the area that need quality photographs of themselves but don’t want to look stiff. No-so-corporate headshots are my specialty and I’m ready to take my knowledge to help you. I’ve been talking with a lot of entrepreneurs over the last few weeks about what makes a great headshot experience. I’ve heard some great stories about what NOT to do! And I’ve heard a few comment on how wonderful the before&after glamour gallery is on my website, so I thought why not expand that into headshots? I’m going to start showcasing headshot before & afters with the permission of my professionals.

But first, why not poke a little fun at myself? When I created this website, it was very much a situation of the cobbler’s son not having shoes. I change my appearance quite frequently and had not a single headshot-worthy photo of myself, let alone one that was current. I’m blessed to have another photographer in the family – my husband. And I still didn’t have a great photo to use for this site!

See? It happens to the best (and most applicable) of us. The good news is, I got my act in gear after a busy summer of shooting lots of other people. And I made myself sit for the camera. And just like all of my clients, I struggled through the poses that feel awkward at times but look great. And – I blogged about the whole experience. If you want more of my thoughts on what kind of effect a “proper” headshot had on my business, hop on over to that article.

The short version is that the response to my own photos is far greater than I’ve ever experienced posting photos of my clients. And that’s because I was willing to be vulnerable and embrace myself. People like a story and that’s why I’m posting these befores and afters. Most importantly, people like to see a photo when they come to your website because they want to know who they’re working with. They want to see if they can start to trust you. They want to see some of your personality. And until I put myself out there in that way, I wasn’t authentically living in my work. I am now!

Your Portland business photos don’t have to be stiff facsimiles of an 80’s portrait studio. They should show exactly what you do and give a hint at how you do it! They should be you, translated into pictures.

Portrait Albums in the Real World

next one fine art matted album

Back when I was a wedding photographer, magazines and later wedding blogs would scour the internet looking for content and post “real weddings” to show future couples what they could do in the world of wedding planning. Well, this isn’t a wedding photography site. And I ONLY show real women that live life in the everyday. But I can show you a real album I just delivered to Patricia and her daughters! When you just can’t narrow down your images and leave some behind, the fine art matted portrait album is the BEST way to showcase the beauty in you. Patricia chose a luscious black tooled leather with a hot pink suede strip across the front – a little luxury and sass go hand in hand.

For Heads and Hearts

lollys locks provides wigs for women fighting cancer

Several weeks ago I had the great honor of participating in a photo shoot with four women. Each woman received a high-quality wig through Lolly’s Locks, a non-profit created to help women feel beautiful, even while going through chemo. Connecting with these women throughout the course of a day was incredible and moving. It was an eye-opening experience for me to see the grace with which these women spoke about the varying levels of their treatments and current prognoses. Most interesting to me, though, is the theme of the video – that it’s so much more than a good hair day.

I photograph beauty portraits. I help women feel beautiful. And for me, this is nothing close to vanity but springs from a place within that deeply knows appearance shouldn’t matter so much and yet alters our moods completely. I’ve always been the sort of person that, after having a bad day, wakes up a little earlier the next day and dresses a little nicer, takes a little more care with my hair. It’s not necessarily about looking great, but about the intention of taking care of myself. That investing in myself for even a few extra minutes will change the next day’s outlook just enough to matter. It’s so much more than a good hair day, or a good face day, or a good outfit day. It’s about choosing to excel. I think that’s why Lolly’s Locks touched me. Please take a few minutes to support this wonderful organization by viewing their new story!

To Tanyis, Julie, and Caitlin, my best wishes for you all moving forward. For heads and hearts!

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Modern Women’s Portraiture

modern glamour portraits by portland portrait photographer

Mothers and daughter portraits are some of my favorite subjects in the world of photographing women. I like photographing multiple together just as much as photographing women alone, but the relationship between mothers and daughters is one that I always enjoy. It’s probably a result of being one of three daughters in my own family and loving the female bond! Modern women’s portraiture is a joy, because it can go in so many directions. And photographing a family together and then each women individually just provides more variety as a service to you, the wonderful women that come into my studio and trust me to help you feel beautiful.

Patricia works in a similar business to me and shares my goal of helping women feel beautiful. In fact, she’s the Makeover Mentor and helps women with a makeup and skincare makeover with Mary Kay! So it was doubly fun to photograph her and her daughters and aid in that goal for them. Watching Carasandra, Patricia’s youngest, come alive in front of the camera was especially thrilling. She’s a self-proclaimed tomboy and suddenly loved playing in the girly world! How’s that for a little foray into the world of modern glamour portraits?

Fashion Model for a Day

portrait couture photographer in portland oregon

What are the odds you’ll be on a magazine cover one day? If you’re anything like me, the answer is slim to none. I’m good with that. I’m not a supermodel nor do I want to be. For starters, I really like cooking and eating and wouldn’t give it up for anything so small as a magazine cover! That said, every average woman should have a day every so often in which pampering is the beginning and end of the story. We can call it fashion model for a day. We can call it a magazine-inspired photo shoot, makeover included. We can call it whatever you want. The goal: for you to feel beautiful.

Heather came over for her modern beauty session with a suitcase, like many women do! She had a large collection of incredibly beautiful gowns and it was a joy to just rifle through them as she sat down for hair and makeup. One of them was her wedding dress, not worn since that day and I’m thrilled I was able to photograph her in it at the shoot.

Heather has a talent for many things and she’s my go-to girl for all questions knitting. And if she weren’t moving away soon, she’d have ended being my first call for sewing machine questions too! But one thing I’ve never heard her talk about is styling. That’s crazy because she’s so good at it! Poring over her collection of clothing opened my eyes to a whole new side of her and it was fun seeing what she loves wearing. A little bit bookworm, a little bit sexy… her modern glamour photos moved from one mood to the next as we made our way through her suitcase. If this is the only time she gets to play fashion model for a day with me, we rocked it out of the park at this session.