5 Tips to Building Authority in a Personal Brand

At the crux of any personal branding strategy is the idea of authority. Who are you? What do you wish to be known for in your field? How do you want to show up to the world? And ultimately, what will they remember about you? Building authority in today’s digital, online service provider world is […]

The Two Sides of the Visibility Coin

Why ISN’T your branding attracting clients? The quick and dirty answer is that you aren’t speaking to your best clients’ pain points in a way that presents you as the only solution to their problem. Diving in further, it’s an issue of visibility. There are two sides to the visibility coin, and you need to […]

Why You Need Branding Photos

Why branding photography? So many emerging entrepreneurs and corporate refugees are flooding the online business market and uttering these very words. “Won’t selfies suffice?” Yes, for a time. And you can make them work for your Insta profile, sure. But to really show up as an authority in your chosen field, you need to look […]

How to Define Your Brand Vision

how to define your brand vision

Brand strategy is one of those things that sounds elusive, so let’s define it before you hear why it should matter to you. Brand strategy is a long term plan for how your business–your brand–will develop. A well-defined strategy will encompass all areas of your business from strategic decisions like who you’ll work with to […]

10 Ways to Make Your Content More On-Brand

My Instagram followers requested more guidance on infusing their brands and content in particular with uniqueness. Said another way, How do I make my brand unique? For every piece of inspiration or information you share, add your perspective I see so many people on social media sharing quotes, but then writing nothing or just a […]

Everything Is A Branding Lesson

everything is a branding lesson

Everything can be a branding lesson, but not anything can be a branding lesson. Confused? It’s okay, it took this one a while to crash around my noggin, too. And then it landed, a smooth, sweet glide of a landing that could induce spontaneous applause were my brain fielding a jetliner full of passengers. (What, […]

Branding at a Higher Level

I was attending a wellness seminar last month and the speaker referenced a study on dumbbells that just floored me. The gist of the study was, a group was asked to lift weights for a certain period of time. Another group was asked to visualize lifting weights, but not actually lift them. At the end […]

Lessons From An Amateur: How to Systematize Your Brand

personal branding strategist photographs business

We could entitle this “lessons learned from an amateur” and just as easily title it “Britney is not a music buff” and they’d both be accurate. No, an audiophile I am not. I’ll never be the person you turn to when looking for music because I don’t listen to emerging stations, sifting through the crap. […]

How to Cut Through The Noise and Stand Out

brand strategy for solopreneurs

Be seen. Boost your visibility. Stand up to stand out. These are all short phrases you can find repeated everywhere in my branding, on my website, in what I post. And with good reason! Being visible to the right clients is the entire point of branding. But in this noisy world, you’re untrustworthy until you’ve […]

Visibility: The First Cord of Branding

I speak on visibility, vulnerability and impact. I’m a brand strategist. Creating a vivid brand requires these three cords, interwoven enough that you can’t pull one without pulling the other but still separate enough that you can see each thread individually. So first, visibility. Branding isn’t about being visible to everyone, it’s about being visible to […]