What the Pivot?

pivoting your business in challenging times

Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? For many of us, the last month has been chaotic. Whether you’re a work-at-home pro or newly minted into the crowd, there’s been a lot of change. Change can be fun and invigorating. It can also be uncomfortable. And when things get uncomfortable, we tend to latch […]

Your Best Client (and the myth of the ideal client avatar)

Let’s talk today about one of those super confusing topics. Yes, I’m talking about the ideal client avatar! The target client! Niching! (Side note, it’s a neesh, not nitch.) I did a mini-training on this in my Instagram stories and I’ve never gotten more feedback on anything as I did on this training. I know […]

3 Mindset Hacks to Start Showing Up

Add value! Show up more consistently! Post every day! It’s all a bit exhausting, yes? Or as one of my clients said to me a week ago, “It’s all just… so much.” This is a feeling, a milestone, that every online entrepreneur faces. There are a few different ways it may come about, but essentially […]

5 Business Lessons from Hallmark Christmas Movies

‘Tis the season to be jolly, amiright?! Depending on where you are in life today may be the best shopping day ever, the best email unsubscribe day ever, the best tree-cutting day ever, or possibly even all three. (To you, I bow down because getting through just one of those has nearly done me in!) […]

Branding With Significance

I like pretty things. Many women do, so that’s not a surprising statement. But I don’t like diamonds and bling, I like the way a sunbeam glistens over dew. That’s how I’ll take my bling, please and thank you. I became a photographer quite by accident but continued with it very intentionally. I spent the […]

How to Craft an Authority Opinion #063

personal branding exploration t

Brand strategist Britney Gardner talks about why building an authority opinion or platform for you business is the best way to spread your message and build your Know, Like & Trust factor; she shares how to craft one. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Britney talks about the difference between everyday opinions and authority opinions She […]

5 Tips to Building Authority in a Personal Brand

At the crux of any personal branding strategy is the idea of authority. Who are you? What do you wish to be known for in your field? How do you want to show up to the world? And ultimately, what will they remember about you? Building authority in today’s digital, online service provider world is […]

The Two Sides of the Visibility Coin

Why ISN’T your branding attracting clients? The quick and dirty answer is that you aren’t speaking to your best clients’ pain points in a way that presents you as the only solution to their problem. Diving in further, it’s an issue of visibility. There are two sides to the visibility coin, and you need to […]

Why You Need Branding Photos

Why branding photography? So many emerging entrepreneurs and corporate refugees are flooding the online business market and uttering these very words. “Won’t selfies suffice?” Yes, for a time. And you can make them work for your Insta profile, sure. But to really show up as an authority in your chosen field, you need to look […]

How to Define Your Brand Vision

how to define your brand vision

Brand strategy is one of those things that sounds elusive, so let’s define it before you hear why it should matter to you. Brand strategy is a long term plan for how your business–your brand–will develop. A well-defined strategy will encompass all areas of your business from strategic decisions like who you’ll work with to […]