The Impact of Search Intent on Building Know, Like, and Trust in Online Relationships

The Impact of Search Intent on Building Know, Like, and Trust in Online Relationships

Understanding search intent and levels of awareness in content creation isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when most sit down to create content! Have you ever thought about the search intent of your audience when crafting your content?  Here’s the deal. I’m a fan of long-form content. BUT, according to Ahrefs, 90% of … Read more

The New Future of SEO: Information Gain for Small Businesses

Information Gain for Small Businesses

Shifting SEO Perspective: Prioritizing Valuable Content for Small Service Providers Running a very small service business comes with its own unique challenges. Limited resources and intense competition mean that you need to make every move count. One strategy that can give you a competitive edge is maximizing information gain. In this article, we will explore … Read more

Storytelling: Connecting with Your Audience in a Noisy World with Jay Acunzo

In today’s fast-paced digital world, creativity and storytelling have become essential tools for marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs to captivate their audience. From harnessing a potent premise for creativity and curiosity to embracing the power of storytelling in online marketing, these we explore the strategies that can elevate your content and set you apart from the … Read more

Overwhelmed by Content Creation? Tips for Regaining Control and Balance

Overwhelmed by Content Creation?

We’re diving into the turbulent waters of content creation, where the waves of overwhelm crash incessantly against the shores of creativity. It’s a wild ride, with social media platforms demanding a never-ending stream of content–much like my five-year-old’s incessant requests for snacks. That said, there’s no reason to own that overwhelm as we explore the … Read more

The Internet Personalities Are Lying To Us (About How To Build Your List)

The Internet Personalities Are Lying To Us (About How To Build Your List)

Revolutionizing List Building: Breaking Myths and Embracing Reality Welcome, content rebels! If you’re tired of meaningless marketing rituals and eager to connect more effectively with your online audience, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll be cracking the code of effective list building. But hold on, we’re not going to … Read more

Content Lessons from the Trenches: Insights from Enduring Bad Podcast Pitches

Making Sense of Bad Podcast Pitches: Learning, Creating Better, and Marketing Ploys Have you ever received a bad podcast pitch? You’re not alone. In fact, it has become such a common occurrence that it has turned into an unwanted daily routine for many of us. But instead of just ranting about it on social media, … Read more

Thoughtful Networking with Cara Steinmann

thoughtful networking with cara steinmann

The Power of Core Values in Building Strong Referrals and Business Relationships In our fast-paced world, shared core values often take a backseat when forming relationships, both personal and professional. However, these values play a vital role in establishing long-lasting and effective connections. Acting as a compass, core values guide our decisions and actions, becoming … Read more

A Step-by-Step Content Plan for Service Providers: From Buzz to Action

Creating a Complete Content Plan for Service Providers

Creating a Complete Content Plan for Service Providers In the world of service providers, staying ahead is no longer just about offering the best services–you have to market your services just as well as provide them. It’s also about adding value to the client’s journey through engaging, informative, and relevant content. The process of organizing … Read more

What Is Uncommon Content?

what is uncommon content?

What is Uncommon Content? Uncommon Content is a way of approaching content marketing specifically for online service providers–that is, those who engage with (and ultimately land) clients online. How a solo-ish service business approaches creating content online doesn’t fall within the typical content marketing audiences–we’re not content creators of the influencer persuasion, and we’re not … Read more