Branding Case Study: Personal Branding for a Fringe Business with Melissa Mattern #007

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This week’s Know, Like & Trust Show show brings you a real-life case study of one of my clients, fellow entrepreneur and friend, Melissa Mattern of The Psychic Genius, who talks about how rebuilding her brand and branding images has helped her grow her business in just a matter of months! Melissa Mattern is a professional psychic, master … Read more

Shaping Your Brand’s Style and Soul with Cora Spoladore #006

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Today’s show is with Cora Spoladore, a Personal Branding Specialist who loves to help others succeed in business by creating real emotional connection with clients. She helps women service-based business owners gain clarity to confidently grow their business with professional brand guidance that attracts dream clients. I mention in the … Read more

How to Market With Personality by Overcoming YourLimiting Mindset with Isabella von Philippovich #005

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Today’s show focuses on marketing with your personality and how to use it to overcome limiting beliefs many have around the entire idea of marketing. My guest Isabella von Philippovich is a personal branding and marketing strategist and founder of Business With Personality. It is her mission to help entrepreneurs enhance … Read more

The Long Game of Building Your Know, Like & Trust Factor… and Hamilton with Susan Stripling #004

On today’s episode of the Know, Like & Trust show, I’m talking with Susan Stripling, a nationally award-winning photographer and educator. Susan has been photographing weddings for almost fifteen years. She’s won multiple awards at the WPPI print competition including the Grand Award in Photojournalism and the Grand Award in Weddings. She is also a … Read more

Soul Branding and Introducing Your Life Purpose with Confidence with Linda Bard #003

How Can You Use Your Well-Aligned Soul Brand? My interview with Linda Bard, though 5+ years ago, is always going to be relevant to the small business owner–and particularly online service business owners–as they show up online. Here are a few ways you can use Linda’s wise guidance and bolster it for today’s online marketing … Read more

Embrace Your True Self and Craft a Fabulous First Impression with Yelena Jackson #002

On today’s show, we are speaking with an incredible women. Passionate about the Power of Image, Yelena Jackson founded The School of Fabulous to help professionals and entrepreneurs become Powerful, Authentic, and Confident through Style, so they can maximize their Success by aligning their public image with who they are on the inside. Based in … Read more

Branding Myths You Can Unlearn Right Now with Danielle Louise Ross #001

Today I’m talking to Danielle Louise Ross. Danielle is an actress turned marketing coach and nationally-recognized speaker, and co-founder of Brand You Business, a coaching and education company that supports superstar solopreneurs in building a thriving business based on self-expression, service and freedom. Often referred to as an “honest and real” marketer, a nurturing coach, and … Read more