Central City Coffee: Branding Images

A website designer friend of mine asked me to collaborate on a project with her last year for the new Central City Coffee branding images on the site she was building. CCC is a division of Central City Concern here in Portland, a social enterprise of the non-profit working to end homelessness. Their tagline is “Drink well. Do Good.” I was happy to be a part of this great organization and thrilled to share images created specially for them in their endeavors. After the planning meeting, it was quite the team that came together for this shoot.

As with most current websites, they needed images to  fit the wide banner of their site, images for photo links and to fill some of the informational pages. A branding shoot with me is the best way to create photography that fits all of your website and media concerns. The plan for this site included a story-based banner image of a woman delivering coffee  – and what’s more Portland than a coffee bike messenger? From there, we moved inside to where the coffee goes from raw bean to roasted goodness, testing along the way with moody images. I had a lot of fun here, playing with light and shadow, molding them to fill in the story gaps. And then of course, the final phase of the story – the enjoyment of coffee and friends in the kitchen!

I chose to showcase most of the storytelling images here in black and white because I loved the light this way, but you’ll find them all in color over on their site. I’m always happy to provide you with options to fit YOUR brand’s needs.

What story do you want your business to tell? What captivates you and your client audience? If you’re not sure yet but know this is the direction you’d like to head, let’s schedule a time to talk it out and build a great visual presence for your business.