Cindi’s Sleek Glamour Photos

Cindi was a true joy to photograph! She’s fun to be around because she has one of those personalities that rides the border between making fun of herself and a brazen, sassy outlook on life. I think her key phrase for the day was, “This is so not me doing this!” Cindi is exactly who I love to photograph. Most of the women in front of my camera aren’t fully comfortable, but they come because they know it’s time to exist in photos. It’s time honor the person they are with beautiful photography. And it’s time to celebrate, because they are a person and they’re full of life and what’s not to celebrate? So when Cindi said, “this is not me!” what I heard was all of those things. It is her and she’s beautiful and she rocked a black jumpsuit and a flowing black gown in these sleek glamour photos.

Any woman. Any age. Any size. Any language. You’re beautiful and I want to photograph you. Modern women’s portraits are about you and feeling great… and like Cindi maybe the thought of planning to be in front of the camera isn’t an idea you relish. But you know you deserve it!