This week on the podcast, we talked with Jordache Johnson, a Business Growth Strategist, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur Coach. He shares tips on increasing your visibility and amplifying your impact. In addition, you will learn why human connection is so important when building new relationships. Also, make sure you stick around until the end of the episode, as Jordache shares some unique gifts with the KLT audience.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How to build quality relationships and open up more opportunities to help you get a more significant impact
  • Setting up your mindset around building relationships
  • When it comes to relationships, why quality is more important than quantity
  • How to naturally start building relationships
  • What relationship deposits mean to Jordache
  • The importance of making a human connection
  • The impact of collecting shared online information about people for building better connections
  • Why a genuine approach to new people is more effective
  • Creating daily time blocks on the calendar to do relationship-building activities
  • Why audio/video messages have a more positive impact than regular texts or DMs


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Britney Gardner 0:03

All right, Jordache, welcome to the no like interest show.

Jordache Johnson 0:06

Thank you very much excited to be here, Britney.

Britney Gardner 0:10

So for everyone out there, this is probably going to be a fast and furious conversation, because every conversation I've had with Josh kind of goes that way. So, so buckle up, let's do it. But Jordache is all about relationships. And I would love for you to just kind of give everyone a bit of a, you know, lead in on how that became your thing?

Jordache Johnson 0:30

Yes, great question. And I appreciate the warning for your audience as well. Because, as you know, I do speak a little fast, and I get going. So. But yeah, so I'll tell you right now I came, I've been the entrepreneur game for I guess, almost 12 years now. And long story short, I've have we can, we can dive in that path at some point in time. But over the last six or seven years, I ran an agency. And when we were we were helping people grow and scale their launches, course creators, experts, etc. Scaling multiple six, seven figures. And during that time, we had a couple clients that were really heavily reliant on a couple of platforms out there, right for lead generation lead flow, getting your offer in front of it. And we started seeing a problem with that when we especially iOS 14 came out on Facebook, they blew up Facebook ads and all that good stuff. And when we were like brainstorming of like, how can we help these clients get better lead flow and get off relying on these platforms? I actually took a step back. And I was like, Well, how have we grown our agency? How have we grown our business. And when I looked, we never ran ads for ourself. We didn't really even have a website, we weren't posting much content. But we were doing multiple six figures. And I'm telling you right now is purely based on, we knew how to build the right relationships, turn those into partnerships, Win Win Win partnerships, as well as the different understanding of comedy, I call it the ecosystem of relationships as every entrepreneur has. And once we kind of understood once I kind of understood that I was like, one of my superpowers is like, I can systemize this, but still keep that human connection, right. And when I say systemize, it like being able to create consistency behind it being able to be intentional with it, things like that. So with that, in the last year and a half, we've been really kind of we switched our focus of how do we serve people to help squirrels or the launch is to actually how do we actually help these entrepreneurs, build human like connections and powers human relationships in their space, and help them turn them into more power friends and power partners to help them get more visibility to help them get more authority and be able to help them grow and get more leads high quality leads into their business and grow their business, through the power of relationships, because the great thing about relationships versus some of the other strategies and tactics out there to grow in business is a relationship building is actually a principle. And the beautiful thing about principles are, they don't change, right. So when you understand how to build these quality relationships, you understand how to do it from a human like connection. We'll talk more about that here in a little bit versus more of a transaction, right, which a lot of people make the mistake of you it's a skill set that's going to be able to help you thrive in business beyond and open up opportunities you never knew existed. It's done it for me, it's done it for most of my clients, it's doing it for my students right now. So that's kind of where we we really kind of transitioned to this is kind of the gospel repeating it's like, how do we actually learn how to build quality relationships and open up those huge opportunities to help you get a bigger impact? Because all these entrepreneurs out there, they're experts, they want it, it's not even just about revenue from those people work with? Like, how can I actually make a bigger impact on my students, my clients or the world, this is how you do it is through relationships. So that's how we kind of fell into this space. And it's been a fun ride ever since.

Britney Gardner 3:34

I love that. And I want to touch on something that you said just just a few seconds ago that for most of the people that you've worked with, it's not about increasing the revenue, it's about making a bigger impact. It's about helping more people. And, and I would concur with you 100%, you know, the most most of my clients, they want to help more people. So when they start talking about things are I should say, I've been talking about things but hearing out there, oh, you can scale like this, or oh, you know, skill that, you know, for them, the scaling part doesn't sound so much like increasing revenue, it sounds a lot more like, ooh, more people can get help in the area in which I'm really good at helping people right. So

Jordache Johnson 4:13

100% Because and here's the thing with in which people entrepreneurs need to understand revenue, sales, money, all that good stuff, those are all outputs, like that is output, right? That stuff is like if you do all the inputs, right, but you really don't have much control over that. If you think about that, right? Like that stuff happens if you do the things you have control over, which is helping people serving people to your best of your ability, being able to be authentic and transparent and help people if you can do that and build a community of people that know like and trust you, right? It's one of those things where all the other stuffs gonna fall into place, right, those that the sales are going to come in place, the revenue is going to fall in place, but like when people get so focused on the output, they're missing the point of like the input creates the output. So it's just it's just happening the right focus and mindset. And as you know, we entrepreneurs sometimes lack focus. And it's our job to be able to make sure that we focus on the right things to make the biggest impact or the biggest opportunity for our business, which is focus on things you have control over versus not focusing on things you do not have control over.

Britney Gardner 5:17

I love that you say that. So, so we met at the marketer's Heart Conference, just like, you know, a short month ago, which feels like, you know, maybe an eon ago. I did not know you, I'd never actually, I might have seen your name, like in a Facebook group prior to that, but I did not know you prior to that. And we ended up spending, you know, most of the conference hanging out in the same group of friends. And we had, you know, quite a few really lovely conversations, and I loved what you had to say. And I was like, Oh, my goodness, you need to come talk about this on the podcast, right. And that's just like, a prime example to me of the relationships that you're talking about, right? If you if you had reached out to me three months ago, and said, Hey, I heard you have a podcast, I should be on it, I probably would have? Well, I won't say deleted the email, because I have, at this point, an extensive filing system for really bad pitches on my, my inbox, but but I would have filed you away and forgotten about you. And not to say that you had, you know, nothing good to say, obviously, you do. But it's that relationship that brought this about, and I'm going to help myself here. Because, you know, 567 years ago, as I was in the earlier stages of this business, I was very transactional, and how I handle people, oh, you have nothing to do for me, I'm not interested. And a part of that was just not understanding how things worked. Part of that was feeling overwhelmed in my own life, and just feeling like I didn't have the capacity for more people in my life. And then, you know, part of it was just a general lack of time, or lack of attention, and just being focused, like head down in the sand type things. So for anyone out there who could maybe identify themselves in part of that story, there's hope, first of all, but what would you say to them? DoorDash? Like, what would you say? Like, how do you kind of begin in this world?

Jordache Johnson 6:59

Great, great, great questions. I will tell you right now, you're not alone. In that feeling. I can promise you that. Especially if you're listening this. You're not alone, either. Because it's really not your fault. Because if you think about it, and often well, I'll give you some specific steps here in a few minutes. But like if you think about it, like we've been bombarded in our industry of like, I'll give perfect sample the dream 100 Right. Everybody kind of knows this concept. The Dream laundry is just so human. Everybody's clear. It was invented by Chet Holmes, Chet Holmes Ultimate Sales dream created it. Now some other people took it not unless they take advantage, but like, blew it up from a marketing perspective. And some people ran with it right now. But the concept of that is like, that is a shotgun approach. I always talk about it, where it's like, how can I find 100 people that would help me increase my visibility in my business more offer? And I'm not gonna say spam but shoot 100 different things, then gifts messages or whatever? Hoping to three or four say Yes, right. That's it's like the it's a direct response to that it's a cold email approach, if you want to think of it that way. versus our approach is like, you don't need 100 People like you legitimately and you cannot handle 100 people as one individual that is going to be all your time trying to spend build relationships. Like I will tell you right now, personally, I have between personal and business, I have between probably 35 to 50 people kind of in a bucket. And at once at the moment, I've been doing this for a while. So I don't get it twisted. But like, those are my close relationships, people that I'm staying in contact with consistently, unintentionally, because it's quality over quantity when you think about this, right? So now they so just getting that they get that thought out in your mind, you don't need 100 people to do this effectively, you don't need 1000 people to be able to do Like, legitimately. Sometimes I call it the curse of the large numbers, you see these large numbers, you feel like you have to be there. No, like legitimately start with one person start with two people. Like when I go to events, I like I'm my goal was to be able to form a solid relationship with two or three people I've never met Brittany, you are one of them. Right? Like, like you said, like, we had some good conversations just outside of you in the conference, just walking and talking or at dinner, or whatever it may be. And so it's like, those are the ones that like, those are the ones that are gonna increase your opportunity. Now, I say that not increase your option, increase your ability to be able to get more visibility, or go over your business or help people out. So I say that because when you're starting out the key, the first thing that you got to think about is, it starts in your mind, just like anything else, right? Like, you don't want to go into building a relationship with what can I get from that relationship? Or what can that person do for me? Or like you were saying, I'm not going to pitch somebody I don't I haven't had an interaction with because it's like, all I was all you hear from if you receive my emails, like would you just want to get on my show and speak to my audience? Well, yeah, may I do? Or I may have something good to say but like, I don't You don't know me as a human. I don't know you as a human right. And you got to protect one of your biggest assets in your business, which is your audience. So it's like how do I actually build a relationship with you so we get to know each other make sure it's a good fit. So you start doing that by thinking about your mindset, right? You start thinking about one having a abundant mindset where there's no such thing as competition and collaboration over competition, we is greater than me, these are the sayings, I keep saying all the time, or it's like, it's Don't get so caught up trying to take from somebody and you start giving, right? And that's where we come into the 5149 rule, which is give more than what you're taking from somebody, right? And so it's like, how can I actually serve that person? But I gotta get to know them as a human to understand what are their needs? What are their wants? What are their desires? And what are they looking for? What are their problems? And when I can understand that from a human, as a human as an individual, then I can start thinking about, okay, George George ash, how can your superpowers or something or somebody you know, in your network? How can you help that person out? Or how can you help them achieve what they want or give them what they want? Or like that that's how you start naturally building relationships with people is to service right? So you got to start having this mindset of how can I serve people, and you start planting enough seeds of serving people, pretty soon people are going to be like, well, how can I help you? What can I do for you, and that's where it's like, that's when it becomes a synonymous relationship, because now they feel like they've gotten enough value. And they feel like they want to help you get something from to help you grow your business, or help you get achieve one of your needs or solve on your problems. So that's where I always start with the mindset of like, you have to get in the mindset of service, you have to get in the mindset of how can I be not enough talk about something else, but how can I be generous with my time or generous with my superpowers, or generous with my resources, or whatever it may be. And that's the great thing about this, when you start doing this, you start building a bigger network, like Brittany, you are my go to when it comes to content creation strategies. So if I come across somebody that needs content creation, especially when it comes to, you know, bloggers or you know, course creators or things along those lines, I'm like, You need to talk to my girl, Brittany, I want to get you introduced to Brittany, right. And that's where it's like, if I have a bigger enough network, when I understand a problem, I can go connect you with somebody that's building a relationship with somebody. And we call in our word, we call them relationship deposits, right? I gotta build a currency, I gotta build a balance, you can't withdraw from an empty account. So if you can continue to make relationship deposits at some point in time, you can withdraw from that relationship without making it feel awkward without making it feel like it's transaction without making it feel like you're taking more than what you're given. But you got to start planning these deposits in these in these relationships that you're building before you even think about taking anything from that relationship, right. And so that's where it becomes with, like, the,

I won't get to tattoo but like, that's where the curiosity aspect has to come into play, right? And you have to be like, we're as children, I have a one year little over one year old son, I see curiosity all day long, right? He's pointing, seeing all the stuff. But what happens is, when use we lose that as we grow up, right, because we start getting experienced in the world, we start seeing things in our belief systems start getting formed and things like that, we start making pre judgments, actually, our unconscious mind starts making pretty judgments of things that we see or believe or hear or things like that, right. And we kind of lose that curiosity, because we think we know what's going to happen and kind of play that out. I won't get too woowoo on you. But that's kind of what goes on in a simplistic form in your head. But what happens now is when you can actually start getting curious with somebody, you start asking questions, you start understanding what the world's like, beyond just business to right, when you start on understanding, like, learn some about Britain, you guys have a lot of chickens, you guys raise chickens, right things along those lines, right? So it's just like learning things that like have nothing to do with business that allows us to basically build a human connection around hobbies, interests, you know, things along those lines that make us humans and interesting humans that have stories to tell, right? I was, I was even I saw on your page, Brittany, of like, you broke your husband's me or something like that, right? That's a story. I'm like, well, well, we got to talk about that at some point in time, right. But you you like, that's where it's like, I actually get to know you as a human right. And that's, that's what I'm trying to get across is like, when you do this, and you start learning somebody's as a human, you build that connection, and then it's not a transaction, you really, you've formed a human relationship. And then at some point of time, maybe, maybe there's an opportunity for you guys to work together. And maybe there's an opportunity to make an introduction, or maybe there's an opportunity to make a referral. But it doesn't start with that it starts with building a relationship as a human. So just to kind of tie this all in a nice little bow is you get the right mindset of being abundant, you start being curious with people, and then you start with just one person, start within two people start within three people and you at some point, you kind of have to put yourself out there just like when you started your business, you kind of have this app to jump out there and start building relationships with people. But it does become easier. The more that you do it, right. The more that you understand that like, Well, how do I start? What information should I start collecting or hearing or asking questions about something, to start learning more about them? How do I store the information? How do I bring that back up in conversations, things like that, all that will come down to play, but like you just have to start with one. And then you can go with two and then go with three. And then pretty soon you're going to start building a powerful network and a powerful relationship with these people where they're going to want to help you just as much as you're going to want to help them. And that's the beautiful thing about this. It becomes like a it's a cycle and it just starts building on top of itself when you kind of figure out how to do this consistently. And that'd be the last thing I would say is you have be consistent with it. Right? Like, it's not just, I'm gonna go build a relationship with somebody for seven days and then go get, you know, go get on their podcast and never talk to that person again, like that's a transaction, right? Like, but how do I consistently make these relationships deposits, to be able to start truly, truly forming a relationship that expands beyond our businesses that expand into whatever next we do or expand, or go on, we go travel and go hang out or, and Mike, my personal goal is have somebody in almost every place I go, so when I visit places or go to conferences, I got new people, I got friends, I can go see cuz I'm already out there, like, let's go grab dinner, let's connect again. And those are some of the most powerful opportunities I've seen for my business, because those have just opened up huge, huge things I never even thought about that would happen for me, like going to speak in Athens, Greece, right as a speaker at a conference that I never knew about. But I got recommended, because I knew a friend of a friend and said, George ash, you need to go, you need to go speak at that. So hidden opportunities will always appear when you kind of just focus on the input, which is building consistent relationships with people.

Britney Gardner 16:02

So you make a couple really good points there. And I witnessed, I've witnessed you do some of these things. Right. You know, you had your workshop a few weeks ago, and I was attending live and you were planning to go to social media? Gosh, social media marketing. Yeah, I can't remember the name. But yeah, you're like, hey, who else is gonna be there? Whom I hang out with? Yeah. And you know, it's just like off the cuff. It's just super easy. And then you know, you've got your, you know, wing buddy, there to walk through the conference with you're good. I don't know, you probably don't actually need a wing person. I do. Because I don't like meeting new people in that very first, like, 510 minute awkward stage.

Jordache Johnson 16:39

Let me say that though. I'll tell you right now, like, this is what I'm telling you. Like, it's kind of like impostor syndrome, right? It never really goes away, no matter how much you how far you go in business, whatever. Like, even with relation building. Like, I even call myself a social media mark, that was my first time ever going to that conference, right? But it's like that first, maybe hour, two hours. It's like, oh, it's kind of a little awkward there. Right? It's kind of like, oh, like, I don't want to like these are brand new people I don't even know anything about but then like, kind of just, you know, you get through the groove of things, you start and I actually, I'm coming out with a video like how to actually maximize in person events from a relationship standpoint, cuz there's certain things you do before, during and after to maximize opportunity. Because anyways, I won't go into that though. But like I say, I say all that because yeah, it's I still, I still get those feelings of like, kind of like an introvert a little bit was like, I don't want to put myself out there. I don't want to go make that first conversation. But like, once you do that, once you can kind of break through that first one, then it's like, Alright, now we're back into the rhythm. Let's go have some fun.

Britney Gardner 17:37

Oh, my gosh, yeah. So you say kind of like an introvert. I say, Oh, no. 100%. Like, but But you know, like, having having connections ahead of time, you know, you know, like you've mentioned, right, you, you know, like little stories about my life, having watched, you know, via Facebook and whatnot, you know, and, and obviously, those are curated stories, right? Like, I put, like, the cute funny things out on Facebook, but Right, but I am like, I have, you know, six chicks in a brooder in my dining room right now. Like, it's 100%. True, that's gonna be my life for the next six weeks. So, you know, that is very much what's going on here. And I put it out on Instagram, like, quick little poll. Hey, do you guys want me to keep this business? Or do you want to watch the chicks grow? Like, it's up to you? You know, I think, you know, eight people voted 100% They want to see the checks. Yes. And that tells you like we are in this for the personal connections we really are.

Jordache Johnson 18:26

Right, right. And that's, and the thing is, when you can kind of start, here's the people are creating content all day, every day, right? Because that's like, as a business, you have to create content, you have to that's how you get visibility, right. But the thing is, until I actually sat down, and I took time to actually build a system, and actually when we kind of move that from agency to relationship building, things like that, like you start kind of putting different frames on, right. So when I'm, when I'm consuming somebody's content, there are certain things that I'm listening for. There are certain things that I'm paying attention to, especially video, like in video I'm looking at, I mean, just be like, I'm looking at the background, what's on their bookshelf, what's in there, and what's hanging on the wall. Like, obviously, I know you're a photographer, right? So you got some beautiful pictures hanging on your wall right now. Right? And so it's just like paying attention to what's what people are already putting out there. Or when people are speaking, right? Like, everybody gives her origin story. Now it's curated. But you know how much goodness is in somebody's origin story that you can actually learn about that person as a human before you even approach them. And then you can find some connection point on like, so it's being able to be aware of the information people already shared about themselves, and then leveraging it in a good way by figuring out okay, well, what's the connection point? Now we could both relate on and we could that that can break the ice of a conversation, right? Because it's like, Hey, I heard you say talk about this in your talk or this on your video. Like, this also happened to me like, let's talk about that. You know, you do it in a different way. But like that's, that's the whole goal is like, you just put different frames on when you're having conversations with people or hear people talk. And now you're like, you're like, oh my gosh, like you People share so much about themselves that you have so much opportunity to connect. But we're just not aware of it in our usually day to day life, because it's like, it's we're just not, we're just not focused on it. But when you can be focused on it, it's crazy how much information that you can find about people that they share, and you can build connections. And that's how you that's the first step of building a relationship.

Britney Gardner 20:19

Yeah, so I'm thinking back right now, just as we're talking over the last, like a year or so, some of the guests I've had on the show right here, some of the email connections, I've, I've been a privilege to receive, you know, so and so saying, Oh, hey, Brittany, I really think you need to know so and so here's both of your emails, take it away. And some of those have panned out. And of course, you know, some haven't right, as one would expect. But I think about how the majority of those all started and, and most of them are one of us reaching out in a genuine way not doing like, you know, the high end, friending you on Facebook. And here's information about my probe Graham, like right away,

Jordache Johnson 20:57

or join my Facebook group

Britney Gardner 20:58

here. Yeah, the pitch slapping you guys. It is. But, like, the friendships were even the burgeoning friendships, I feel like I've found through internet friends for this business, right, they've all started with someone reaching out in a genuine way. And maybe we were, you know, originally both in the same program. And that was the actual intro, but it's still one person reaching out to the other and building the actual relationship. And yeah, you know, for for those introverts listening here, I can be, you know, a wee bit awkward at first, please never, ever try and talk about the weather with me, it's the instant way to shut me down right there. But a little bit of effort goes, goes such a long way.

Jordache Johnson 21:45

110%. And this is where this is what I was talking about back to the quality over quantity, right? When you just truly can take the time. And when I when I say time, like let me just clarify this for a second, like, five minutes a day, you do this consistently for five minutes a day, or seven minutes, or 10 minute, and that's legit. I started five minutes now, I've been doing this for a while. So I have a little bit more time blocking my calendar every day. But there's a there's a time block on my calendar every day to do relationship building activities. That is to reach out to somebody to send somebody an impact thank you to whatever it may one of our types of deposits we talked about. But like that is the goal. I just those are my inputs. I just do this consistently and authentically. Because like I go on walks every morning, so I'm always listening to somebody's podcasts every morning. And so I'm like, I'm always like, Hey, I just listened to your podcast episode yada, yada, yada. Like I just want to tell you, thank you for this, I just use this in my business like this was huge. That is it, thank you keep creating good content, things like that, right. And so it's like, I'm legitimately telling people how good they are like, or how great they are, or giving them compliments, things like that, that they've truly impacted me. You do that consistently, people are going that that will kind of break the ice, what kind of what we were talking about of like, all you're doing is letting people know how much impact they've had on you. That's the most easiest way. That's the easiest way to start kind of starting a conversation with somebody authentically without an Ask without pitching without whatever. And you lead with that leading through service leading through letting people know how much impact they've actually had one for you. Like, their guard is gonna go down because they're like, Thank you like, because we all know I guess going back to imposter syndrome, we all go through it as as entrepreneurs. And the best way to get out of imposter syndrome, when people tell you how much impact they've had you've had on their life, right? They're just like, oh my gosh, like, there's another chip, I can thank you like I've been going through things, I just need to hear that. Like, I always tell people, we don't tell each other as entropy. We don't tell each other how much impact each others had on each other, like, nearly enough. Like if we did, a lot of people won't be going through impostor syndrome. So like, that is one of the things that I'm like, very adamant about for me, it's like, How can I tell people more often in my life, when they've had an impact on me, I'm just going to tell them, thank you or tell them how they've done or what they've done for me. And that's what's opened up a lot of relationships for me, because that is just that's an input that can eventually lead to an output. The other thing I was going to tell you too, though, is like going back to, um, I like systems. So you're gonna hear me say input and output a lot, right? So like, bear with me here. But if an output is the partnership, what creates partnerships, relationships, but what creates relationships, conversations, so then you're just saying how many like my goal is to have more conversations with people, and they can lead to a partnership, they can lead to a power we call power partners, or a power friend, or they may just lead to Hey, it was great talking to you. Like hopefully we cross paths again someday, right? Like, they all don't have to lead and that's where I was saying, Don't go in there with an intention. Go in there to say and here's I'm just going to tell you, you're awesome. And I'm just gonna I'm starting different conversations every single day. And when you do that consistently, I promise you good things happen because you are you are putting more goodness in the world and more goodness will come back to you. We call it the rest of possibly affected that's there's, I'm not gonna say there's a law, but it's, it happens more often than not. You know what I mean?

Britney Gardner 25:07

You know, I do know what you mean. And it's so funny, like even the conference where you and I met no less than four people and maybe more, but I specifically can recall four people walked up to me at some point during that conference and said something along the lines of, Oh, my goodness, I love your podcast, I didn't realize you were going to be here. And that means the world to a creator like me, right. And we all have something like that in our life in our business, that if people were just to actually acknowledge that it did have impact and did matter to them, you know, you're right, the world would be a much nicer place for all of us and a lot less imposter filled, or imposter syndrome filled. Right,

Jordache Johnson 25:46

right. 100%. And that's like, we just don't like I said, it's just we don't do it enough. And, and obviously, there's people that will kind of do it with the intention of like, it without good intentions, I will say, but like, that's where like, I'll tell you right now we can. So we call them impacting us in our world, right? When we say, How can I tell somebody, thank you on the impact they provided me. And I'll tell you a tip right now like, and I share this in the workshop with you guys. I never send those via text or DMS, meaning I don't ever type them out and send them to people. I always send an audio message or I send them a video because I need them to hear the authenticity of my voice. I need them to hear my excitement, like or my trueness of like how much do I actually believe it's versus like, because if I just send you a text, I leave it up to interpretation on how you're actually going to receive that message right versus now I'm going to give you some more things to be able to pick up of like, I promise you like this is there is nothing here like that I'm trying to take I'm legitimately just giving right here. And I do there's there's different ways that you can do that. But like that's how you can start combating like these people that just I call them the Debbie's and the Danny's and the DMS and are just like trying to slide non goodness. And so it's like, but I just said, it's just one of those things. If you just do this consistently, I was talking with a gentleman, Kevin, Leyla the other day, and we were talking about this. And he legitimately, after we were on Zoom, you're just having a conversation. And I was like, Hey, man, like just try this out like tomorrow, pick somebody that's impacted your life, whether it's a podcast, whether it's a book, whether it's whatever, pick up your phone, send her a quick little audio message and just send and see what happens. Like that next morning. He's like George ash, she absolutely loved it, we already set up a call, like it's like it just almost like not do that consistently for 30 days and see what happens in your business. Like that's like, that's the power of this, because it's like, it's such a simple, simple, it likes it, you can take a couple of minutes a day doing this, just do one a day. And I promise you like you're gonna see huge impacts and ripples coming back to you. Because this is just not being done enough, right. And it's just one of those things with like, you can legitimately help, like you were saying, as somebody who creates content, it feels good to know that you're making an impact, but you don't hear it enough, right? You you're gonna get your reviews on your podcast, which is one thing that's text read nipple, like, you're not going to hear their voice, you're not going to hear like truly what was the impact that they actually had or see that person face to face at a conference that even that elevates the empower the effectiveness of that message to you as the creator, when you can see the person you can hear the person or you can feel that that impact as well not just read it. So it's just one of those things where if we did this more, like you said, it'd be, it'd be a better world for all of us around. But that's why I'm preaching this gospel. And

Britney Gardner 28:32

I think it's a great place to kind of wrap this up. And obviously, you know, everyone listening has already heard that I've attended your workshop that we've been talking quite a bit for this last month, if they wanted to kind of find out more about what you're doing, and all of that, where's the best place for them to go?

Jordache Johnson 28:46

Great question. So I actually I'm gonna do something special for your for your crew here. So they go to George For slash que LT as no light trust, we're going to have a couple of resources there for them. One will have a video about the five types of relationships in their ecosystem so that people can start being aware of those relationships every entrepreneur should be aware of, we'll kind of walk through our seven levels of growth partnerships. And then we'll also have information if you want to join one of our upcoming workshops, or we have a awesome oh relationship deposit kind of a challenge jumpstart that they're going to have a special opportunity to join for Really $1 Because we're going to give you the hook up of pay what you want versus actually what we typically charge for that. So that is our kind of gift to your audience for coming in. Listen to our episode.

Britney Gardner 29:32

Fantastic. Well, tradition. Thank you again for your time here. It's always good having a chat with you. And yeah, everyone like I've done the workshop if if anything, I highly recommend that all that challenge is sounding very intriguing. You might find me over there as well. Alright, Thanks, Josh.

Jordache Johnson 29:50

I thank you

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