Resources for Course Creators & Online Biz Owners

Some links may be affiliate links, all are resources I currently use or heartily recommend because I’ve used them at other stages.

Funnels + Learning Management Systems

A learning management system can be used for anything from housing courses and online programs, all the way to organizing your digital assets.

FG Funnels – this is really so much more than a learning management system as it also covers your email, appointment scheduling and more. For learning management, it’s got a Kajabi-like feel and easier to organize than Teachable.

MemberVault – a fantastic community, really engaged owners always working to make it better, and free for the first 100 users so you can get a good feel for the service before investing.

CartFlows – if you already have a WordPress website and don’t want to add a subscription to an LMS like above, CartFlows is a great plugin to create funnels on your own site. I also have a handy tutorial in the blog area (coming soon!) to help walk you through this process.


It’s not secret I’m a fan of WordPress. Having a great host is a must!

Siteground – my current host for all my sites.

GoDaddy – I’ve never used their hosting (that I remember!) but do use them for some of my domains. I’ve heard their bookkeeping is decent, too.


ActiveCampaign – tagging fiends, delight! Incredibly robust and integrates with so many other services.

FG Funnels – it’s not as intuitive as MailChimp, sure… but it does a whole lot more!

ConvertKit – not as robust as ActiveCampaign, but still affordable and advanced enough to do a lot of things

Design + Branding

Adobe Creative Cloud – I’m a long time user. There’s nothing better. I currently use Spark and Rush every week and for more intense projects, Photoshop and InDesign.

Canva – not wanting the full power of Adobe? Just a dabbler? Canva is your new best friend. All my templates are Canva friendly!

Computer Shtuff

Backblaze – my entire computer/hard drive is backed up everyday. Should it blow up, be stolen, have a massive hard drive failure, they can overnight a new hard drive asap. You can also download files when you’re not at your computer in a pinch. – no, you probably don’t have my cell phone number. But you can still text me (and so much more) because I use for my business line and have an easier time with that whole work/life balance thing.

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