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  • How to use “smart content” to turn on the right clients…and subtly turn off the rest. Hello, perfect fit!
  • How to use your content to stand out from everyone else in your niche…even if they’re talking about the same general topics (you won’t want to miss this part!)

What is Content Lab?

The place for online service businesses who want a non-stop waitlist full of perfect-fit clients that magically show up on their doorstep, ready to pay top dollar. Don’t believe it’s true? Just wait until you learn about the three secret kinds of content. It’ll all start to click!

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This has been a game changer for me!!

“I was new to content creation. It felt so overwhelming that I didn’t know where to start. This walked me through step by step how to break it down into manageable pieces.”

Debbie Lehr Lee

britney working all fancy

Britney Gardner

Brand Strategist

Host of The Know, Like & Trust Show podcast and creator of the BE SEEN Method, I help online service biz owners craft content that attracts perfect-match clients.

I translate humans (and all their messy feelings) into a visibility plan that makes it easy to show up consistently.