Creating Impactful Content: How to Tackle Emotional Roadblocks #241

Do you struggle with consistently creating content for your business? Are you tired of feeling blocked and unable to produce engaging posts? Imagine achieving a steady stream of content that resonates with your audience and drives growth. I have the solution to help you achieve this through overcoming emotional barriers that may be holding you back. Say goodbye to content roadblocks and hello to a successful content marketing strategy.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Tackle emotional obstacles for seamless content creation consistency.
  • Understand the crucial role of consistent content in cultivating audience trust and expansion.
  • Enhance your expertise with regular, high-quality content creation.
  • Generate captivating content ideas that suit your target market’s distinct buyer journey.

Your feelings about your subject and your feelings about content marketing will make or break your content consistency.

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Highlights in this episode:

  • Creating a course for lead generation purposes
  • What to include your different course offerings
  • Building credibility through your courses
  • The different paths your clients may take after your course
  • How to lean into your expertise and zone of genius when creating and marketing your course

Introduction to All the Content Feels series

The All the Content Feels series aims to help entrepreneurs overcome the emotional blocks that prevent them from creating consistent, impactful, and results-driven content marketing. By tackling various issues affecting content consistency, the series will delve into different strategies and insights entrepreneurs can employ to maintain a steady creative flow and keep their target audience interested in their content. In this format, Britney Gardner and her guests will share experiences, knowledge, and advice on how to navigate these emotional barriers and maintain content consistency across various platforms. Through workshops and podcast episodes, Britney provides practical tips and exercises for entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas, create compelling content, and ultimately transform their audience’s engagement into a successful buyer’s journey.

Writer’s Block and The Five-Paragraph Essay

Writer’s block is a common feeling of unproductiveness and creative stagnation that often plagues content creators. To overcome this issue, entrepreneurs can take inspiration from the five-paragraph essay structure, which begins with the conclusion – or main idea – and then works backward, outlining the points that lead up to it. This allows creators to build their content in a strategic manner that effectively communicates their message and engages the audience. Britney Gardner explains how adopting the five-paragraph essay structure allows her to construct her podcast episodes in a way that facilitates consistency and compels her listeners. By starting with the central theme and working her way back to subtopics, she ensures that each episode (or other piece of content) is cohesive and systematically builds up to a key takeaway. This approach not only makes the content more engaging but also facilitates better retention of the material for the audience.

  1. Start with the conclusion–what is the most significant thing about this topic and why is going to matter longterm for your audience?
  2. The points you mention in your conclusion now become points in your piece of content.
  3. The introduction is now easy to write because you already know what you’re leading towards.

Why All the Content Feels Matter

Many entrepreneurs grapple with various feelings while attempting to create consistent and impactful content for their business. These emotions often serve as barriers in the creative process, resulting in content that lacks coherence and fails to engage the target audience. Therefore, understanding and addressing these feelings is essential for establishing a strong foundation in content marketing that reflects expertise, fosters credibility, and facilitates trust with potential clients. Throughout the podcast, Britney Gardner delves deeper into the emotions that hinder entrepreneurs from achieving content consistency, such as imposter syndrome, insecurity, lack of boundaries, and fear of missing out. By acknowledging these emotional blocks, Britney aims to encourage her listeners to confront their feelings and surmount these mental hurdles to create compelling, valuable content that resonates with their customers and helps them gain more visibility.

Key Takeaway:

Content marketing can and should work for your business. If it is not, it’s either messaging, systems, or content feels that’s getting in the way.

Do you need help creating a content marketing plan that allows you to shine?

We offer complimentary one-on-one consults to help determine if a done-with-you or done-for-you approach is best for you and your business right now.

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