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Create a brand worth talking about with photographs that show what it FEELS like to work with you!

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Ready to Ignite!

What if you could only receive inquiries from your perfect client? What if colleagues automatically looked to you as an expert in your field? You know you’re ready for the next level, but you need a spark to help you get there.

In today’s crowded marketplace it’s increasingly difficult to stand out. When you’re the face of your business, visual branding is more important than ever. Let’s take the photos of your future business, today.

your business with a


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from past clients

Before meeting Britney, I was struggling to find my identity as an entrepreneur and professional business woman. I felt like I was faking it because I wasn’t owning my new self.

I felt like Britney completely understood my vision and captured me in my new brand. I love that the photos are outside & in my neighborhood for that perfect mix of urban excitement and gratitude for living my dream job. Britney wasn’t just taking my picture, like others have in the past, she was truly building a cohesive message about who I am and what I stand for.


Britney guided me from start to finish and the result was photos that truly represent me to my clients. She showed her genius when moving me, lighting me, and paying attention to small details…all the while keeping it fun and relaxed. All I had to do was show up and be me. My photos show her talent using the camera to connect me to my audience. My website traffic shows the same hit count, but now I have great clients booking me on the first visit.


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If you feel like you’re not making the money you should be, it’s probably because you’re not letting your personal brand explode around you. You’re not being seen. You’ve been working for a while and reached some level of success, but you know there’s more for you.

It’s time to brand up to the next level. You know you’re meant for more if the world could just find you. It’s time to capture all of that so the world can know, too.

I am Britney Gardner, a visual brand strategist and marketing photographer. I’m here to fan the flame and help your spark ignite.

I know you, and I know what you’re thinking. Because I’ve been there.

Because I’ve been in the place where doubt and frustration aren’t just setting in, they’re taking their socks off. And they’re putting their feet up on the coffee table like they own the place

Because I’ve looked at the pile of bills – okay not really because I’m paperless, of course. But I’ve definitely imagined it as a pile. A pile that was just going to have to stay there because I couldn’t deal.

Because I’ve looked at the rest of the online business landscape and thought, “Why them? Why not me? What is it that they have that I don’t?”

I know you’re tired, and at the same time you cover that weariness with a bright and not-quite-cheery “Fine!”

Even when this business that once held the promise of a fresh spring breeze now weighs like the stagnant, muggy stickiness of late August. Even when the ideas you thought would transform the world are barely touching a handful of people.

But you aren’t ready to give up.
You aren’t prepared to shelve your passion.
And you aren’t willing to hide anymore3

Where you were once hidden, I will help you be seen.

So that, finally, those who need the help only you can provide will find you.

So that now, you’ll feel ease in attracting the clients who “get you” and laugh at your jokes instead of gaze with quizzes in their eyes.

So that you can stop sell sell selling all the time and do the work you’ve been called to do.

I know you place value on the hustle, so how does over a decade of experience in showing personality through photography sound? Imagine taking my in-the-trenches experience of posing people beautifully and raising their business vibration at the same time. And then envision yourself in six months, in a year, and realize that’s exactly how I’ve photographed your new brand image.

It’s going to take you places. And I can’t wait to watch you soar.

Tips & Tools for Personal Branding

I'll be showcasing client successes after their Brandscape Photo Experience as well as proven ideas to enrich your business.

My experience with Britney was fun and exciting. It took me out of my comfort zone in the best of ways, stretching me into my own possibilities and opening my willingness to take the risk to show myself for whom I really want to be. It was an experience of setting my intentions for my future. How did I want to be seen and known from this day forward?

Working with Britney was a delight from start to finish. I felt seen, cared for and nurtured through the whole journey.


I’ve absolutely loved having my new branding photos from Britney up on the newest version of my website. She delivered exactly what I asked for- authentic, expressive photos that showcase my personality and style. I’ve already had several clients tell me (unsolicited) that the photos mirror how they experience me- approachable, fun, caring…so I know we hit the mark with my new photos. The cherry on top of the sundae is that working with Britney was of the most fun, relaxed photo shoots I’ve ever had (and with a past career as an actress- I’ve experienced a lot of photo sessions). Britney is the ultimate mix of spot on photography, and a day-of shoot experience that feels as restful as it is productive. Thank you, Britney!


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