Displaying Your Professional Portraits

You’ve chosen to invest in your self. You enjoyed the pampering, the luxury, the just setting side some time to be yourself and relishing in womanhood all over again. You’ve seen the images and… you love them. But maybe you’re not quite sure what to do with these gorgeous images? Your professional portraits are there, waiting for you. What will you do with them? How do you enjoy them?

My favorite option is a portfolio box. You can fill it with your favorite images and either put them in a special place of your home or rotate them onto an easel for display. You can change out your favorite portrait of the week. You can just keep them to yourself, too. The portfolio box gives you options, and you can always change your mind later! Each image within the portfolio box is a matted, fine art print hand crafted right here in my home studio.

fine art matted prints in portfolio box

professional portraits in luxury silk portfolio box

Of course, you can also order additional matted fine art prints outside of a portfolio box. Gifts from heart are great and all the more personal when it’s a photo of yourself. Your loved ones will appreciate them!

fine art matted prints in portfolio box


Want an easier to transport gift? Or maybe a little reminder for your desk at work? Fine art prints are available in folios as well!

modern glamour portraits make great gifts for those you love


What matters most is that you take the time to enjoy the printed photos. I fully believe you’ll leave your modern beauty portrait session feeling great about yourself. Having photos in the weeks and months to come will be an extra boon, particularly on days when it seems like a lot of things are going wrong and you can’t make time to do anything for yourself. You can remember the experience of the photo shoot, the time you’ve taken. You can know that you’ll have time for yourself again soon.

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