For the first time ever, I’m thrilled to announce I’m holding a photography workshop. It’s for the everyday business owner, just like you.

Branding is all about perception. When I photograph my clients, I show what it FEELS like to work with you. Potential clients will know who you are, like you, and trust you before even picking up the phone.

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Learn to post snippets of your business in both a personal and professional way, whether you offer a service OR a product.

But if you’re going to build up your KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor, you need more than a one time photo session. You need to show consistent glimpses into your business. How do you do that?

Beautiful You Workshop

I’m about to show you how with my Beautiful You workshop. It’s the DIY photo workshop for business owners that you’ve been waiting for. Learn how to DIY your everyday photo strategy from a pro. You don’t need to buy a new camera. I’ll show you how to work with the tools you ALREADY own to brand up your business to the next level in 2016. Yes, even your iPhone!

We’ll go over some basic photography techniques and then get to the fun stuff. It’s how YOU’RE going to wow your clients with photos that make them love you everyday. Whether you offer a service or sell a product, it’s a fact that social media posts with images sell more. Photograph your offerings, make great backgrounds for quotes, lessen your stock photo bill, show glimpses into your personal life, and hey, you might even start taking better photos of your kids.

Make room in your schedule on January 8th at 9:30am at fUSe Studios PDX in Beaverton, Oregon. You don’t want to miss this! The Beautiful You workshop is only $97 and conveniently at the beginning of the year so you can start of 2016 with a vibrant, quality brand.

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I’ll cover some photo basics as well as “secret sauce” tricks to make your images engaging and shareable.