On today’s show, we are speaking with an incredible women. Passionate about the Power of Image, Yelena Jackson founded The School of Fabulous to help professionals and entrepreneurs become Powerful, Authentic, and Confident through Style, so they can maximize their Success by aligning their public image with who they are on the inside.

Based in Washington, DC, Yelena is a First Impression Strategist, Style Educator and Coach, Certified Image Consultant, Personal Stylist/Shopper, Workshop Leader, and Speaker on image and style related topics. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, is certified by industry leaders in Image Consulting, and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox for her transformational work with her clients. She is an active member of The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), the world’s premier image organization, and is currently serving as the President of the Washington DC Chapter.

Through her own personal journey and style transformation, Yelena learned just how much of an impact your image and style make on your success in business and in life. She now teaches ambitious men and women how to harness the power of conscious dressing to achieve their goals. First impressions can make or break your success – learn how to leverage the art and science of style to make sure the first impressions you create are positive, fabulous, and lasting.



  • Yelena describes her early years of her life and how they were impacted by the way she presented herself and how it took a toll on her self-confidence.
  • She tells us how she developed her fascination with style and first impressions in our lives, especially the psychology and science of you outward image.
  • Yelena tells us that she pursued this path of style and image to help others overcome the struggles she faced as a young adult.
  • Yelena came to realize that our success is driven by our confidence and general happiness with ourselves.
  • She says that the Know, Like & Trust factor is the primary importance when building a business or doing anything in life.
  • Yelena talks about the three factors that play into designing your first impressions.
  • Making your first impression favorable is key, since it has long-lasting effects.
  • Yelena helps people figure out who they are, and helps them bring that out.
  • She tells us that you can actually change your body language to increase your confidence.
  • Yelena decided her mission is to make every person feel beautiful!



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