We all have a few insecurities. For me, it’s my skin which has never been the same after having a child. Emily shared a few insecurities of her own with me while sitting in the makeup chair. I don’t even need to write it here because if you read the two items, you’d look at these images as I do and know that they’re just not here.

This is what I want to give you – a fresh perspective on yourself.

While photographing a wedding last month I heard the hair dresser say something I’ll not forget. We were talking about eyebrows. She said, “They’re sisters, not twins.” You know how when you look at your own eyebrows long enough, you’ll start seeing things that aren’t there? They won’t watch in shade. The arch looks higher on the left than the right. I could make up a thousand things I see in myself if I stare too hard at the same square inch space.

And so I look at Emily and see nothing of those few small things. I see a beautiful woman. I see an amazing smile and eyes a mossy green that makes me long for another rainforest adventure.