Erin: A Case Study

portland branding photography for professionals

When Erin called about a month ago with her ideas for her branded business headshots, I was so excited. She’s got the coolest business (MyPsychGeek) going in a great, targeted niche. And really, she’s just going to shine in her new business. She was kind enough to sit on the phone with me for a few questions about the new photos to support her brand.

portland branding photography for professionals

Erin decided now was the time for professional photos because she doesn’t have a lot (any) photos of herself in which she likes how she looks and are also professional in nature. She looks great in group photos with her friends, but those just aren’t appropriate for her website or a member of the board photo. She realized that if she’s serious about her business, “it’s time to invest in herself and go all in.”

portland branding photography for professionals

When I asked why she chose me to photograph her, she replied, “When I saw your card I loved that you showed pictures in it and also that there were professional photos but also photos of really great looking women.” She’s pretty skilled in the makeup arts herself but knows it’s different for the camera and really wanted the whole experience taken care of so she knew she’d be investing her money well. “It would be quality,” she summarized, “and the photographs you show are beautiful and even the glamour-y stuff was classy.”

portland branding photography for professionals

Now that she’s been living with her photos for a while, “I love it. Now I feel like I can put photos up and I know that they’re well done and will be well-received. I don’t have to stress about sending photos now when people ask.” She likes that she has two options, because the files she chose were different – one is more straight on professional and one more full of her branded geek character.

Branding Erin in photos was incredibly fun. She brought a few challenges to the table: she knows she’s a blonde woman and wants to be taken seriously as a professional working in an industry full of men and she wants to appeal to geeks but still maintain their respect and trust. She suggested wearing her hair up for the shoot since she often does that while working with clients – a perfect way to increase the professional side. And then we played with her glasses a bit to keep the quirky side going. All in all, I loved working with her and can’t wait to see where she is next year.

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