How to Be Everywhere and Still Actually Work

“But you’re everywhere!” she said. “There’s no way I can keep up with that level of posting; I actually have to work.”

how to be everywhere online and still actually do your job

Yes, these were words spoken to me not long ago. The following also was:

“Instagram just isn’t my thing. I’m not good at photos like you.”

“I can’t just make things happen. I’m not like Britney!”

That last one was from a woman in my mastermind, and I won’t lie, I was puzzled at first. Until I realized, we’re all at different levels of expertise.

Not long ago, I too felt like there was so much to do, so much to learn. Before I did my first webinar, my coach told me to just… go out and make a webinar. I had no idea what I was doing. The first six or so minutes were plain black due to glitchy software and it was one of the more stressful experiences I’ve had in the last few years.

But I kept on. Persevered. Whether I was a glutton for punishment or going through growing pains is up to you, but I did it.

And as I set up the tech, the sequences, the slides for my next free training, it occurred to me it isn’t so scary anymore. Less than a year later and only three sets of webinars in, most of it is going through the motions. I didn’t even have to look up how to set up Facebook ads this time! mastermind photos for online businesses

The thing is, I never “just make things happen.” I learn and grow. The things do eventually happen, because I refuse to let my fear of the unknown prevent my business from what it is meant to be. I’m not afraid of failing. It stings every time it happens all the same, but at least I try.

In You Can If You Think You Can, Normal Peale references a man with a great track of training leaders. When asked why, he responded that he looks for employees who are willing to take the risk of failure.

So these days, when I overhear statements like those above, I care. When I hear that I recall feeling the same way, recall overcoming that feeling, and recall the day I realized it’s easy now. Because I care, I created a short training course in an area outside of what you might consider a personal branding photographer’s expertise. Why? Because after you receive your images, you need to actually use them to be visible. 

And this training will tell you how.

This is where the brand strategist comes in!

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[x_alert type=”info”]If you’re struggling with small actions you can do each day to boost your visibility, this training is for you.[/x_alert]

If you’re comfortable staying with the status quo, you can skip it. The crickets in your inbox don’t bother you? Nope, this is not for you. Actually, if you already know everything about social media, this is also not for you. This is for the typical small business owner trying to wear too many hats and realizing, there has to be a better way.

All great changes come from either a brilliant idea or someone else opening a door for you. If you haven’t yet had a breakthrough on your own, this is your door. It’s just what you need.

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