Fashion Model for a Day

What are the odds you’ll be on a magazine cover one day? If you’re anything like me, the answer is slim to none. I’m good with that. I’m not a supermodel nor do I want to be. For starters, I really like cooking and eating and wouldn’t give it up for anything so small as a magazine cover! That said, every average woman should have a day every so often in which pampering is the beginning and end of the story. We can call it fashion model for a day. We can call it a magazine-inspired photo shoot, makeover included. We can call it whatever you want. The goal: for you to feel beautiful.

Heather came over for her modern beauty session with a suitcase, like many women do! She had a large collection of incredibly beautiful gowns and it was a joy to just rifle through them as she sat down for hair and makeup. One of them was her wedding dress, not worn since that day and I’m thrilled I was able to photograph her in it at the shoot.

Heather has a talent for many things and she’s my go-to girl for all questions knitting. And if she weren’t moving away soon, she’d have ended being my first call for sewing machine questions too! But one thing I’ve never heard her talk about is styling. That’s crazy because she’s so good at it! Poring over her collection of clothing opened my eyes to a whole new side of her and it was fun seeing what she loves wearing. A little bit bookworm, a little bit sexy… her modern glamour photos moved from one mood to the next as we made our way through her suitcase. If this is the only time she gets to play fashion model for a day with me, we rocked it out of the park at this session.

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