Folio Box

The folio box is one of my favorite ways to display your images – because it’s so versatile! Whether your images are fashion-focused model for a day or an intimate gift, it’s an option that fits your needs. Display your favorite of the month on an easel on your bedroom dresser, rotating each image in and out of the folio. Start building a collection you can add to next year, the year after that. Frame a few and keep the rest safely in the envelope presentation box. Whatever your pleasure, this product line works for you.

All of my products are handcrafted here in the studio. Fine art prints on the highest quality (and eco-friendly!) bamboo paper made in Germany by one of the oldest paper producers in the world, both color and black and white images nearly leap off the paper as you run your fingers across the textured print. The ribbon enclosure is easy to open and close as you rotate through images. And the gray presentation style box fits in with any decor you might choose.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. As your photo session recedes into the past, these photos help you to always, always remember. You are beautiful. You are amazing. Let the light that shines within out a little more each day as you look.

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