Headshots for a Personal Stylist

I recently met Ashley Roda through a networking event and I’m absolutely thrilled to be partnering with her in the future. She’s bright and glowing and confident – all qualities that make it a joy to photograph her. Beyond that she’s incredibly motivated and that’s why I’ve chosen to work with her. If you’re considering a shoot with me and not quite sure about booking because you aren’t sure what to wear, she will make that job very easy for you!

In her own words: “I help women in transition identify the details that make them iconic and memorable.

Through consultative image consulting, interactive shop&learns and educational workshops, I help my clients trigger their inner confidence, have hope for new opportunities and encourage control over their image, identity and reputation. Image matters, whether we want it to or not, so I encourage my clients to dress like their lives depend on it each and every day.

Partnering with Britney Gardner I want to be a resource to help you get that “Perfect” shot! Trust me with a little understanding of your colors, body shape and how to fit clothing to your personality, this will be a breeze!

With your image being the first thing people see, why leave such a valuable asset to chance, when you can easily manage it.”

And since I prefer to partner with people that truly understand what it is to have this level of photography and personal experience in their portfolio, of course I had to help Ashley with headshots for a personal stylist!