is your branding clear?

Are you ready to have a crystal-clear brand that converts followers into clients? Then you need this checklist!

You probably already have an inkling of areas in your business that need attention. But where do you direct your focus first?

Where are the black holes in your business?

how clear is your brand checklist by britney gardner brand strategist

Every business will be at a different stage of development, and every brand a different stage of supporting that business.

I designed this checklist to put your eyes where they need to go as you grow your business, show up more consistently, and build your Know, Like & Trust factor.

If you're incredibly consistent showing up in showing media but not in following up, this guide will point your attention in that direction.

If you have a great website that shows what it feels like to work with you, but every time you launch you use a new sales page that doesn't fit the look, you'll want to address that area.

But until you know, you don't know. And you can't solve a problem with the same brain that created it, so get some outside perspective with this guide!