How to Craft an Authority Opinion #063

how to craft an authority opinion with britney gardner, brand strategist

Brand strategist Britney Gardner talks about why building an authority opinion or platform for you business is the best way to spread your message and build your Know, Like & Trust factor; she shares how to craft one.


  • Britney talks about the difference between everyday opinions and authority opinions
  • She gives examples of each
  • She explains one of the authority opinions she’s built her personal branding ideals upon
  • Britney talks about how to look for advice, and how this translates into authority
  • She tells listeners where they can find out more about building authority in their personal brands



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Britney has a variety of ways to work with her, from recorded workshops guiding you through DIY brand-building skills all the way to complete brand crafting with Instant Badass Brand and brand photography. 

Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!

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