how to give yourself a promotion in your own business with joy to lead

In this week’s episode, I’m speaking with Kaylan Thompson of Joy to Lead, covering topics from your first hire to using your brand as the most loyal teammate you can have.

Kaylan is a Team Building Consultant & Leadership Coach for entrepreneurs ready to give themselves a promotion and make their first strategic hire. In 2018, she found herself frozen by imposter syndrome when accidentally accepting a promotion that pushed her into an executive leadership role in her company. She spent 9 months stressed out, burnt out and totally sucking as boss – until she decided to make a change, choose joy and live unapologetically in her strengths. Since then, she coached her team to do the same, helped the CEO she served re-engage with her vision for her company, and developed and executed a 4-part hiring framework she used to make strategic hires that added value and purpose to the team. Now, she’s leading entrepreneurs to do the same for themselves!


  • I admit I wanted to talk to Kaylan to get her opinion as a leadership expert on my claim that your brand is your best and most loyal teammate
  • How Kaylan moved into leadership coaching and why her learning process doesn’t have to be yours
  • Transitions from leading a team in corporate to leading only yourself as a solopreneur
  • Kaylan’s take on weaknesses versus strengths
  • How your brand works for you, whether you ask it to or not.
  • What it means to take steps as a CEO
  • Kaylan’s advice on journaling out the role of a hire
  • Using your values as a filter
  • Have weekly check-ins with all employees, including your brand: a brand performance review
  • Kaylan tells us about how you can set yourself up now to hire the right way in the future



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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!