Image Presentation in Content with Angela Foster

In this episode of The Know, Like & Trust Show, host Britney Gardner interviews Angela Foster, a petite style coach, on the topic of image presentation in content. They discuss how to create a wardrobe that represents personal or business brands, choosing comfortable yet professional outfits for video content, and the importance of breaking down different aspects of our lives into “buckets” for easier wardrobe management.

Pick a signature and then really make a point of doing it every time you’re visible.

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Highlights in this episode:

  • 00:00:57 Editor-turned-fashion-consultant helps petite women dress confidently.
  • 00:05:22 Social media week: selfies, behind the scenes, life’s buckets.
  • 00:13:06 My personal style doesn’t translate on camera.
  • 00:17:33 Outshine competition by being consistent and memorable.
  • 00:19:42 Colorful client logos brand visibility, start there.
  • 00:21:52 Confidence boosts my own productivity.

Unlocking Brand Visibility Through Consistent Personal Style

Welcome to our blog post, where we delve into the quirky relationship between personal style and brand visibility. While it may be a seemingly insignificant factor, the power of consistency in personal style cannot be underestimated in enhancing brand recognition. Whether modifying accessories or switching up hairdos, maintaining a consistent overall style can make you instantly recognizable and leave a lasting impression. In this post, we explore the importance of mastering your signature style, striking a balance between authenticity and consistency, and how embracing your personal style can help your brand shine amidst the saturated market space. So, let’s dive in and discover how consistency in personal style can open the doors to enhanced brand visibility.

Consistency in Personal Style: Key to Enhancing Brand Visibility

Ever thought about the relationship between your personal style and your brand’s visibility? It may be an afterthought, but maintaining a consistent personal style can be highly effective when it comes to brand recognition. And since this noisy internet age means we sometimes have to show up twenty-three times before we’re remembered, anything to quicken that pace is worth paying attention to.

The Power of Personal Style

Picture this: A petite style coach who wears the same outfit, but changes her accessories or chooses a different lipstick shade. Despite repeating the same outfit, she never looks monotonous because she knows how to modify her style. Even while switching between varying hairdos or makeup looks, the consistent overall style provides a sense of familiarity that makes her instantly recognizable.

Mastering Your Signature Style

Now, think about two different looks for video shoots. One day, you’re a polished professional with light makeup and statement earrings. On another day, you might be the approachable, down-to-earth persona, just chilling on your sofa without any makeup and conversationally addressing your audience as if they were friends visiting you at home. Both looks are distinct yet cohesive, conveying the versatility of your personal brand.

Quality Over Perfection

Remember, consistency doesn’t mean perfection. You don’t have to have a full face of makeup or a designer outfit to make your personal brand shine—just be you. Ensuring your followers see you consistently can be more beneficial than projecting an image of perfection. What you’re ultimately striving for is the mastery of your personal style over the perfection of appearances.

Balancing Authenticity with Consistency

Here’s the thing, though. You want to stay true to yourself while maintaining style consistency. If your brand reflects an image of a girl-next-door, ensure that your personal style aligns with that image. Likewise, if you’re promoting a high-end luxury brand, communicate it through your sophisticated personal style.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Everyone’s different, and what works for some might not work for you. For instance, some people are perfectly comfortable revealing their post-hot yoga sessions, complete with sweat and exhaustion. If you’re not one of them, that’s perfectly okay. At the end of the day, authenticity matters. It inspires confidence, which will naturally enhance your presence and visibility.

Identifying Your Style Signature

As a marketer, you know how saturated the market space is, and making your brand stand out in this sea of noise is not easy. Identifying a signature style can be one way to do that. Once you have your signature style in place, stick with it and let it do the magic. From a professional standpoint, you might need to see the same thing many times before associating it with a brand. Therefore, having a consistent signature style can help to fast-forward that recognition process.

The key takeaway? Embrace your personal style, remain consistent, and watch your brand visibility grow. Remember, no one can do you better than you!


What are the different buckets of life that require different types of clothing?

The different buckets of life that require different types of clothing could include work-related activities such as in-person conferences and keynote presentations, branded photo shoots, social media activities like selfies and behind the scenes content, and daily tasks and responsibilities.

Is it necessary to have a variety of outfits for video content, or can you get away with wearing the same outfit?

Whether it is necessary to have a variety of outfits for video content depends on the niche and individual preference. While some may feel the need to switch up their outfits to present variety, most viewers are focused on the content itself rather than the clothing. Adding small changes like accessories or hairstyles can provide diversity without needing multiple outfits.

Britney Gardner [00:00:57]: After 20 years as an executive in the fashion and beauty space, Angela Foster now helps high achieving petite women, just for the record, yes, that's me, feel more confident by creating a closet they love. Her clients show up prepared and confident to brand photo shoots, keynote presentations, and everyday life because they enjoy a wardrobe filled with clothes that fit their height, flatter their body shape, and That they love to wear. Now that's Angela's official bio if you can't tell. I wanna point out, we're not just talking about how to choose clothes. Because when it comes to showing up in content and particularly in video type content, there are ways to do it where you don't feel like You have to do all of this work before you can even start creating content, and that was why I was so excited to have her on the show. I'm not gonna tease anymore. Let's hop into the interview. Angela, welcome to the Know, Like, and Dress show.

Angela Foster [00:01:45]: Britney, thank you so much for having me. I've been looking forward to this conversation for Weeks now.

Britney Gardner [00:01:51]: I know. Right? It's, you know, it's it's funny when you connect with people mostly online. Right? And you you go back and forth. You're like, well, what if we could do And then Yes. Well, what if we added that? And and then, yeah, weeks of looking forward to it. And now we're here. We gotta gotta share all of that planning with everybody else.

Angela Foster [00:02:08]: Absolutely.

Britney Gardner [00:02:09]: So I am really interested in diving into the conversation, but we gotta frame it up a little bit first. And to do that, a petite Style coach. Let's give, like, the the sound bite version of what that means exactly.

Angela Foster [00:02:22]: Oh, a 100%. So petite is 5, 4, and under, which is 44% of the US population. So that's the first thing. I work with executives, entrepreneurs, High achieving who either, a, don't like to shop or, b, don't have the time to shop. And I help them put together a wardrobe that represents either their personal or their business brand. So it's a little bit different than, like, a personal shopper at Bloomingdale's where you would go in and all they would gather is from their particular retailer. So we have a lot more access, obviously, to different brands and different retailers and all of that. And then in in addition, you know, be the whole petite and knowing how to dress and all of that can get so Funny because nobody ever really teaches us how to dress for our body shape or anything like that.

Angela Foster [00:03:10]: Like, we graduate from college. We get a credit card. We need 5 outfits because we Start a new job on Monday, and we just go out and buy whatever. And so then we end up with a lot of, like, a closet full of nothing. Like, How many times have you said I have nothing to wear? So I try to teach my clients how to shop and what looks great on them So that when I'm not around, they can shop for themselves.

Britney Gardner [00:03:32]: So I love that. And I've worked, you know, as a former photographer. I've worked with People in this field in the past, but I still find myself as as an entrepreneur who's, you know, at this point, more like More or less just bust up, right, on camera and and things like, what can I wear that's that's, 1, comfortable for me to, yes, sit in my office chair, fancy and expensive, though it may be?

Angela Foster [00:03:57]: Right? Super fancy.

Britney Gardner [00:03:59]: Yeah. Like like but comfortable To go from here and then just because of my unique, you know, life case use situation, you know, I'm homeschooling my kids. I'm often running around to, You have an OT appointment to swim lessons. And then I'm coming home, and I'm working for an hour and a half while I have a pocket of time. And then I'm going and Well, you know, we're in, like, food preservation mode over here right now, so then I'm going to can some pear sauce and apple sauce. And I don't wanna get my nice fancy clothes All messy in the apron only covers so much. And, like, I'm totally stream of consciousness in here, but how how does that change the conversation? Because most Of the people listening to the show, even if they're not canning or running out to collect their chicken's eggs, they're probably not just sitting at their office desk the whole day. Right?

Angela Foster [00:04:47]: Absolutely. Absolutely. So, Britney and I would have to say a 100% of my clients experience the same thing. No matter If whether it's, you know, the food thing or kid thing or whatever. It used to be so easy because we would go to work, and we would have a section of our closet that was just for work clothes. And so on Monday morning, when we're getting dressed, we would know exactly where to go, and we would know it'd be appropriate. But now, especially, like, you and I and your listeners and my clients and all of that, work has become different buckets. Right? It's, I'm filming a video, so I have to represent my brand.

Angela Foster [00:05:22]: I am going this is my, like, social media week, So I'm doing a lot of selfies and a lot of behind the scenes things and all of that, and then all the other stuff that we have to do just to keep life going. So When I talk to my clients about this, my biggest takeaway is instead of looking at it as 1 big section of your closet being these are my work clothes, Look at it as what are the different buckets that your life requires now, whatever those are, and focus on one of those at a time, and it makes it so much easier. I mean, there are absolutely things like for you when you're in your office, you wanna look nice, but you wanna be comfortable. So then let's talk about material. Like, you know, you're not gonna wear, like, starched heavy cotton. It's too restrictive. It wrinkles too much and all of that. So But we break it down that way, and it makes it so much easier because instead of being one overwhelming sesh section, it's like Little buckets.

Angela Foster [00:06:13]: And if you're on video 2 times a week or 2 days a week, you only need 2 or 3, 4 outfits. It makes it easy. It just breaking it down like that.

Britney Gardner [00:06:22]: Yeah. No. I like the bucket idea because I may talk about content in terms of buckets too. Like like, which bucket does this fall into? And if it was gonna spill over, which Bucket would it spill over into. Right? You know? So makes total sense. So I have another question. And, of course, this is like me Personal, like, digging into the curiosity here. When you're talking about, like, 2 to 4 outfits, Right? Do you have I mean, if you're on video.

Britney Gardner [00:06:49]: Right? We're doing videos pretty often, most of us at this point.

Angela Foster [00:06:53]: Yes. Yes.

Britney Gardner [00:06:54]: Is it okay if people only see us in 2 outfits? Is that alright?

Angela Foster [00:06:58]: Okay. So I think that is dependent on your niche. For me, I feel like I have to Change. Even if it is a con like, if it's a content batching day, as a style coach, I feel like I don't want them to see me in the same outfit all the time. Even if I just have to mix up, like, the jacket or the sweater I have on or the earrings or the accessories or whatever, but for you, when it's When you're talking about, you know, visibility and all of that, I mean, you look great. Who cares? And not only that. I think the majority of people, they don't even pay attention to what you have on. Do you know what I mean? They're, like, focused on what you're saying.

Angela Foster [00:07:35]: So yes. So, I mean, it's for us. But, yeah, I think it just depends on the the niche. And I would say 99% of the niches, unless you're a petite style coach, you could probably wear the same outfit all the time and nobody would even notice. But you can switch it up like earrings or wear a different lipstick or do your hair a little different way or something like that just if you feel like, Wow. I look the same in every video I've done in the last month.

Britney Gardner [00:07:57]: I've got, like, 2 looks to my videos. I've got More or less what I'm doing right now, I'm wearing some makeup. Maybe not a full face, but, like, some makeup, and I put earrings on. And this is, like, the Britney trying look. And then there's the what I pulled last week, which so I was sick. I had, like, a sinus infection all last week. And, you know, I Still had to do a couple things where my face showed up, and I just rolled with it. Yes.

Britney Gardner [00:08:24]: I'm not wearing any makeup. Yes. I'm definitely sitting on my couch with a blanket pulled up all over me. And I just be like, hey, y'all. So this is where I'm at right now. And you know what? I for me, this works. Right? I I talk about we show up consistently even if it's not perfection you know, mastery over perfection. Right?

Angela Foster [00:08:41]: Yes.

Britney Gardner [00:08:41]: And I'd love to hear your take from a style perspective. Right? Like, There is the idea that I have a couple, like, go to outfits for my filming days, and I love that. I love knowing that I've got kind of, like, that decision made. It takes that analysis paralysis Out of the picture. Right? But what's your take on this? Like, how much does it detract from your brand, If you will, to just be like, I'm not trying today, and I'm still showing up.

Angela Foster [00:09:09]: That right there, what you had said, it just plays so perfectly into What you tell us every week when you show up. Do you know what I mean? It's that it is, like, I'm here because this is what I tell you to do, and this is what I'm doing. Right? So I think it works completely. I think that's the big deal. Like and and you talk about it too when you speak about, like, oh, there are those, like, The I can't remember what all you call them, but, like, there's the girl next door who's like

Britney Gardner [00:09:34]: Oh, yeah.

Angela Foster [00:09:34]: Yeah. You can do it. I'm you I mean, that type of thing. It has to make sense for you And what your business is and what feels comfortable for you. Right? Like, I see all these girls, and they're like, oh, look how authentic she is. She just got out of hot yoga, and you can still see the Beads of sweat like, okay. That's great. And I applaud them for their self confidence.

Angela Foster [00:09:52]: That's not me. Like, I'm not gonna show up after my hot yoga class. So I think so much of what you speak to about being visible and all of that, it comes from confidence. And if you're okay being sweaty and in your car after a yoga class, Go for it. You know what I mean? If you're not, then don't do it because it won't come across that way anyways. When I'm talking to my clients about showing up as their brand, there's A couple of things because we both know. Everybody listening knows. It is incredibly noisy out there.

Angela Foster [00:10:22]: And Once you figure out what it is that's gonna make you stand out, then you just need to stick with it. So, for example, if you have those 2 outfits And you're okay doing a video on the couch or, you know, so and so is okay doing it after yoga, that's terrific. But try to come up with what your signature is. And the way I look at it is this. So, you know, they used to say I have to see something 5, 7 times before I recognize it or whatever, and now it's 20 3,000 times, and I still don't remember the girl's name. I don't know. But we look at it. We say, okay.

Angela Foster [00:10:55]: So for example and I'm just gonna use a client that I have as an example. So she is absolutely amazing. She's an interior decorator. She's incredibly visible. She has one of those deals where She's doing, like, quick little reels when she's on-site doing an install, or she'll be in client meetings and that type of thing. So We sat down when we were first talking about, like, how she can show up and represent her brand, and we said, okay. So you're in all of these different situations. What's gonna be your signature? What's gonna be that thing that I start to before I ever remember your name that I start to recognize you by just because every time I see her, it doesn't matter where She's at, she has on a scarf, or she has on an amazing pair of earrings, or she has a great ring on, or whatever.

Angela Foster [00:11:41]: What is it gonna be? And it has to make sense with the job because it can't get in the way. It has to be comfortable, and you have to like it because you wanna show up with whatever your signature is Every single time you're being visible and representing your brand because we were talking about it before. We're competing against companies who have a lot more money than we do, Have a lot more resources, have tons of time to spend on social media, and tons of money. We have to Stand out, and that is one of the best and easiest ways we can do it. So I always encourage my clients, pick a signature and then Really make a point of doing it every time you're visible.

Britney Gardner [00:12:19]: So, you know, the the thing about this is and and this is something I actually struggle with. Even though I am confident and I can show up looking pretty much like crap, honestly, I'll still show up. I'm cool with it. But How we show up on, you know, selfie camera. You know? It's and this is this is not necessarily even, like, a petite woman specific thing. We're we're we're holding the camera on our hand, on our phone, you know, if we're doing, you know, like, an Instagram story or a live type thing. Or we're sitting in front of, you know, some camera that's mounted to the top of our laptop screen, and it's like doing you know, if you were actually watching the video recording of this, of this. It's doing what we're doing right now.

Britney Gardner [00:13:06]: Like, you can see just above my bust, my full head, and, you know, a square around it. Right? And one of the things I struggle with is a lot of these style things that I like for in person things are clean lines, but maybe, like, geometric things, things that have, like, you know, a gather at the waist or, You know, a a a Nipton area here, but that's not gonna show up. It's really you know, maybe it's a really unique, you know, blouse or sweater. Right? It's not going to show up on the way I show up on camera. So if that is my personal style, shall we call it, It's not translating to what I'm doing for business. So so how do we do this? I mean, I do have a very extensive collection of earrings, but I don't wanna be just the girl that shows up with fun earrings. I I like my clean lines. I like my kind of, like, modern take on geometric, but, like, pattern free and solids, and it's not translating, though.

Britney Gardner [00:14:08]: Like, how do I do that?

Angela Foster [00:14:10]: So, Britney, first of all, let me give you a huge shout out because everything that you said is so perfect for short girls. Clean lines and nip so Brilliant, brilliant job on how you're showing up in person. So let's think about this. Like, if I said, Mel Robbins, what would you think of? Just from an appearance standpoint.

Britney Gardner [00:14:29]: Blazer?

Angela Foster [00:14:30]: Okay. Or

Britney Gardner [00:14:31]: I I don't even know if I'm right there. It just went pump into my head right away.

Angela Foster [00:14:34]: No. That's No. That's good. So when I see her, every time I see her, she has on big black glasses, and they're usually pretty square and oversized and all of that. So And, again, I mean, I'm in I'm in tune to that, so that's why that's the thing that I notice. Or if I say Anna Wintour, Typically, what women would pick up about her appearance is her really geometric bob and her dark oversized sunglasses. You can look at Gwen Stefani, and as many things that she's done differently throughout the 30 years or whatever, Her platinum blonde hair has pretty much stayed the same. So 3 women, very different, you know, personalities and all of that.

Angela Foster [00:15:14]: So you can keep the party on top. You just have to figure out what it is that you're gonna feel comfortable and like enough to do it for a long term period. You don't wear glasses? I mean, I've never seen you in glasses. So Correct. Yes. Okay. So glasses are probably not gonna work for you. You might be on to something with the earrings.

Angela Foster [00:15:32]: It doesn't always have to be that way. You could do, you know, like because you do see the neckline, you could do, like, some kind of fun necklace, Something like that. You could do something different with your hair. I mean, we've all seen a 1000 girls with pink hair on Instagram and LinkedIn and all that lately. So but, yeah, you just have to figure out what it is that You're gonna like enough to hang with it, and that is a very strong signature. Even even before I know your name or I remember you or anything like that, I'm gonna be like, oh, the girl with.

Britney Gardner [00:16:00]: You know, and that the memorability piece to me is so important. Right? The the things I've been saying About about content that are not image related directly translate to what you were talking about right now with image. Right? So I'm saying, you know, give your client a quick win so that they start associating that win with the memory of you. Now Like you said earlier, very noisy world.

Angela Foster [00:16:26]: Yes. Yes.

Britney Gardner [00:16:27]: If they can't remember your name, and they they know that this 1 person on LinkedIn gave them this little tip that just changed the way that they, like, approached a whole issue that they'd been struggling with for 6 months.

Angela Foster [00:16:40]: And

Britney Gardner [00:16:40]: all they remember is, you know, the girl with the big chunky glasses or Right. The girl who always wears, you know, her red hair in a ponytail Or the girl who always has a statement necklace. Right?

Angela Foster [00:16:52]: Mhmm. Or always wears red. Or

Britney Gardner [00:16:54]: Yeah. Yeah. But it at least gives them a way to Spot that person in the future, and I like that. You know? The whole thing that we present out there matters. I like that you're giving us, like, real reasons to kind of bolster up that idea, but it does not detract from your message if people can't remember your Your message is out there. It is helping people. And if they can't remember your name right away and they remember something that they associate with you and they pick it out later, You become, like, a double down memory at that point because once they find you again, you're like, oh, the girl with the necklace is Brittany Gardner.

Angela Foster [00:17:33]: Right. And just think about that. So all of your competition, it's gonna take them I mean, we were kidding earlier, like, how many times it takes them to remember your name. But if it takes them 23 times of seeing you every day showing up consistently to remember your name, your competition who's not putting that effort in, How many times is would somebody have to see them before they remembered their name? And then even so, you'd still be like, well, she looks different Every time I see her, so I don't know. Was that the girl that said that really great thing about the I don't know. What you know what I mean? So we just I feel like it's such a challenging business environment. I mean, no more so than it's ever been, but it's just I mean, like, you know, we all are doing everything that we can. So having said that, any little step up that you can give yourself To stand out and, you know, build that know, like, and trust factor, but why not use it?

Britney Gardner [00:18:23]: No. I love that. And I'm really thinking now about some of the people that I've been following on LinkedIn lately. And they're not all women. Some of them are are men. And to be fair, I think it's a lot easier for we women to stand out visually than men because they're all showing up in a black T shirt. And, you know, there's only so much that they're doing with their hair realistically. Right? So, I mean, they could.

Britney Gardner [00:18:43]: They definitely could do more. They We could do more.

Angela Foster [00:18:44]: They they they they absolutely could put more effort in. 100%.

Britney Gardner [00:18:48]: But I'm thinking about it. Even some of the men that I think Probably a very generic appearances. The ones that I am visualizing right now, they have strong profile pictures that are Good. I mean, they're good quality, but they you know, they're showing contrast in an area. And, like, one of them that I'm thinking about, I don't remember his name exactly, but he definitely has a Strong, like, purple cast to the photo. And I'm like, there's ways to show up with your image that don't involve Having to choose a necklace every day.

Angela Foster [00:19:18]: No. Absolutely. And that's such a good point. There's a guy it's funny that you should say that because he's on LinkedIn too. And I can't remember what he does, but it's some sort of a social media. And it's not it might be LinkedIn. It might be some it doesn't matter. But but he's in a pink suit, and it's not like A baby pink suit, but it's like a magenta, really bold, strong pink suit every time you see him on video and or in pictures or anything like that.

Angela Foster [00:19:42]: And can I tell you? I had to follow him. I was like, dude has a strong signature, so it can be a color too. You know? I mean, colors can be fun. The one thing that I'll say about that, not to totally digress. But I especially when I start working with new clients and we're talking about dressing your brand and being visible and all of that, They'll be like, oh, well, my logo colors are, I don't know, blue and yellow. And so I'm just gonna wear blue and yellow all the I'm so and the analogy that I always and it's a good place to start. Don't get me wrong. Like, if you're just starting to, like, expanding your visibility, then I think that's a perfect place to start.

Angela Foster [00:20:18]: However, it's it's not enough and we have to keep like, we have to take it a little bit further. If you imagine the same exact woman And she walks into a room, and she has on a black tailored suit and whatever nondescript blouse underneath it with Very plain black pumps. She's sending one message. If that same exact woman walked into a room and she had on, Say, a black moto jacket and black skinny jeans and badass boots, She's gonna send a very different message than the other woman is. And neither one of them are bad or wrong or anything like that, but it needs to go beyond color when you're dressing your brand.

Britney Gardner [00:20:59]: I love that. You know, I go back to the the the clean lines with, like, you know, a gather here and nip there. Right? I really find myself just And maybe it's my age. Maybe it's where I have come to in life. Right? Attracted to those very clean lines and simple silhouettes. And it's It's you know, you you gave me a a a lovely compliment earlier saying that that's so great for petite. And, like, I wish I could tell you that's why I chose it. It is not.

Angela Foster [00:21:25]: But you'd you know what, though? I'm not sure I believe that because when women have and men too. But when you have that eye for design, which you do, It's in color. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you do it subconsciously and you don't even realize it. That happens a ton of times with my clients. They'll be like, oh my god. I was doing that, and I didn't even know it was right. I'm like, yes. See? You just like, you know, you're savvy.

Angela Foster [00:21:48]: You probably if you even if it wasn't a Conscious decision. You knew what you were doing.

Britney Gardner [00:21:52]: Well, I appreciate the double confidence, NASA. Thank you. I'll, you know, pat myself on the back over here. Would you please? But no. I I like knowing some of the things that you've said that, you know, I can incorporate what I'm already doing and just push it just a little bit further and Use that to bolster the memorability of the content that I am producing and that, you know, all of our listeners can do the same. That there are easy ways for us to Not make our life more difficult and still be aware of what we've been talking about here.

Angela Foster [00:22:22]: Absolutely.

Britney Gardner [00:22:24]: Oh, gosh. Angela, thank you so much. Like, this has been You know, I didn't realize I needed a Monday morning pick me up, but apparently, I got myself a Monday morning pick me up, and I'm kinda cool with that.

Angela Foster [00:22:33]: Oh my gosh. I love it. And I want you to send me selfies all this week and show me what you've done. I'm excited to see what what you decide your signature's gonna be.

Britney Gardner [00:22:41]: If I don't, you have permission to bug me. These are the kinds of things I tend to forget.

Angela Foster [00:22:44]: And I was gonna say you're all about action and accountability. So, yes, I'll be your accountability coach In style.

Britney Gardner [00:22:51]: Alright. Well, Angela, I'm gonna include links to, you know, all of your your stuff in the show notes and everything. Do you have anything that you want people to opt into?

Angela Foster [00:23:01]: I do. I have a free gift, and it's brand new just for your listeners. And it ties into the topic, But it's how to make a brilliant first impression, and it's a crash course. So it's a couple of worksheets and a fun video, and it's just so incredibly helpful when you're taking those, like when you, like, turn up the dial on being aware of dressing and representing your brand for visibility. Easy things we can do. So I'm super excited. Yes. I would love it They would come visit me over at, b r I T n e y.

Angela Foster [00:23:36]: Just in case anybody thought it was 2 t's. It is not. It's just 1.

Britney Gardner [00:23:41]: Oh my gosh. You well, first of all, thanks for the link. I appreciate it. But, like, you just touched on the memorability thing that I wish people would pick up on. It is crazy to me That my domain name includes, and I still get things addressed to, you know, Brittany or Brittany with 2 t's or Somehow I got an I at the end, like an I y one time. Like, I I don't even understand.

Angela Foster [00:24:03]: On the right side, because I I completely hear you. I got an email. I don't even think it had my name on it, but it was about, you know, like, if I wanted to buy leather for belts. And I was like, as soon as I become a leather smith, a 100%, I will from you. But but I just think all of that carelessness makes those of us that put that extra effort in stand out so much more, Which is amazing because I'd rather be part of the 20% than the 80% that

Britney Gardner [00:24:29]: Detail loss ever. Yes. Yes.

Angela Foster [00:24:31]: That was a nice way of putting Yep.

Britney Gardner [00:24:33]: Oh my gosh. I love how you just wrapped it up there. I thank you. This has been awesome.

Angela Foster [00:24:37]: No. Thank you. I'm a huge fan of your show, and so thank you for what you do for all of us, so we appreciate it.

Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!